Red Box – 72144 – Ukrainian Peasant infantry 17th century



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Unpainted plastic soldiers in 1/72 scale depicting Ukrainian peasant infantry during XVII century.

Box contains 52 figures in 16 different poses, organized in 5 sprues. 4 sprues, containing 12 figures each in 12 different poses, are the main part of the kit, while the 5th sprue contains only 4 unique figures, adding a sort of specialists group but not a full command. The box states 53 figures because one of the figures included in the unique sprue is a double figure with two persons.

In difference to the other two Cossack sets released in the same batch, the main bulk of the weaponry in this set is composed of pole arms, suggesting the lower quality of the troops, matching the term “peasant” in the tittle of the set, which basically were farmers recruited during war times, most of them with little or none experience in war.

The set is complemented by the other two releases in the batch, Red Box – 72143 – Ukrainian Zaporozhian Cossacks infantry 17th century and Red Box – 72142 – Ukrainian registered cossack infantry 17th century, allowing to create a nice Ukrainian/Cossack army for the XVII century.


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