Red Box – 72150 – WW1 Italian Arditi in armor



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Unpainted plastic soldiers in 1/72 scale depicting Arditi WWI Italian troops. The Arditi corps were elite shock units created during 1916 which ended up creating a separated army corp later disbanded in 1920.

Box contains 40 figures in 10 different poses, in a 4 equal sprue format, each one with 10 figures. Quality of the sculpture looks good and some poses looks really nice. The set complements other releases by other makers for the topic, and contributes to a not bad coverage of the Italian army during WWI.

The Arditi uniform was different depending of its army branch of origin, as we discussed in the related HäT – 8221 – WWI Italian Arditi, and in difference to that set, in this case all the figures seems to belong to same army branch,  Arditi drawn from regular infantry units, the so called “Black Flames”. The weapons show a variety of weapons, all suitable for the Arditi corps, including some interesting features as a maze, a shield and a lot of body armor and Farina helmets. While everything is plausible, the Arditi were distinguished grenade and dagger warriors, and such weapons are not more present in the set than other more conventional weapons such carbines.


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