Strelets – 257 – Austrian Cuirassiers

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Austrian Cuirassiers
War of the Spanish Succession

Unpainted plastic soldiers in 1/72 scale depicting Austrian Cuirassiers during the War of the Spanish Succession era.

Box contains 12 mounted figures in 12 different poses, including 3 command poses with a drummer, standard bearer and officer. Figures are very nicely sculpted and depicts a charge where mainly the sword is used, though carbines and pistols are also used.

Appearance of these Cuirassiers is some old fashioned for the period, resembling a lot to other mounted units used during the previous century, but seems the German States and other Habsburg allies retained the use of cuirass and full helmet longer than other countries during the period. This fact is shared with the released at same time set Strelets – 258 – Bavarian Cuirassiers.


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