AZ Model – AZ7826 – Heinkel He 162D “Salamander”


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Heinkel He 162D “Salamander”

Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of a German WWII Heinkel He 162 Volksjäger jet fighter aircraft, made primarily of wood as part of the Emergency Fighter Program to defend the Reich. Over 300 units were produced with several hundreds more in different stages at the factories when the war ended, but less than 200 had been delivered before May 8th 1945. It Proved to be a good design but due lack of materials, time to refine and training to crews together with the low number and very late delivery has no impact in the course of the war in the air.

D variant was a proposal upgrade, based on C variant framework, with a different wings geometry, forward-swept wing. None were produced. 

Kit tooled in 2022.

Includes three markings, two German and one post war Italian marking. These are speculative markings as not a single He 162D was produced.


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