Eduard – 70152 – Avia S-199 ERLA canopy (Profipack)

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Avia S-199 ERLA canopy 

Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of a Czechoslovak Avia S-199 fighter aircraft, produced after WWII based on Messerschmitt Bf 109G left over by Germany. The ERLA canopy, side opening, was the early model issued to S-199, which shortly after switched to a sliding bubble canopy type to improve visibility (Eduard – 70151 – Avia S-199 bubble canopy (ProfiPACK)).

This kit is a variation with new decals of the 2022 tooled kit Eduard – 2141 – MEZEK DUAL COMBO. As Profipack edition kit includes PE (photo-etched) pre-coloured parts by Eduard and paint mask. The new decal sheet includes 6 new markings detailed below.

Markings (Same order than images below):

Three Czechoslovak markings and three Israeli markings.

  • Avia S-199 ERLA canopy 1/72 – S-199, 1907, 101. peruť (tayeset), Kheil HaAvir, Izrael, prosinec 1948
  •  Avia S-199 ERLA canopy 1/72 – S-199.66, A-798, ak. Ladislav Strnad, Air Military Academy, Hradec Králové, Czechoslovakia, June 1950
  • Avia S-199 ERLA canopy 1/72 – S-199, D-108, 101 Squadron (tayeset), Kheil HaAvir, Qastina, Israel, September 1948
  • Avia S-199 ERLA canopy 1/72 – S-199.??, Fighter Training Center, Planá u Českých Budějovic, Czechoslovakia, May 1948
  • Avia S-199 ERLA canopy 1/72 – S-199.302, rtm. Josef Filus, Squadron 1, Fighter Air Regiment 7, Brno-Černovice, Czechoslovakia, August 1949
  • Avia S-199 ERLA canopy 1/72 – S-199, D-106, Modi Alon, 101 Squadron (tayeset), Kheil HaAvir, Aqir, Israel, June 1948


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