Italeri – 72009 – F-16 C/D Night Falcon (Complete Set For Modeling)

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F-16 C/D Night Falcon
Complete Set For Modeling

Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of a U.S. fighter aircraft General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon, a very successful design that remains operative (in improved variants) over 45 years after its introduction in 1978. More than 25 different operators and more than 4500 units produced in all the variants confirms the success of the aircraft.

Reissue of kit Italeri – 188 – F-16 C/D NIGHT FALCON, based in the original Italeri kit tooled in 1980 (A/B variants) and released several times since then with different decals, updates for new variants and other common changes in a so long living set. Kit includes part for both C/D variants, C (single seat) and D (two seat) were initially produced in 1984 adding lot of avionics improvements and adding all-weather capability, nicknamed them “Night Falcon” because this new capabilities for the F-16 family.

Includes decal sheet with two markings for U.S. Air Force aircrafts deployed in West-Germany during the 80s.

This line of Italeri kits includes in the box everything you need for a basic build and finish, including the kit, with decal sheet for two markings, glue, three paints, one brush, precision tweezer, double sided sandpaper and sprue cutter.

Despite the lite interest or value of the model itself, this packages are good as gift for young modelers (or not so young) who want to start in the hobby and vie this nice activity a try, and with such scope in mind, flaws of the kit are not so important.


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