Italeri – 72004 – M1 Abrams – Complete Set For Modeling

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M1 Abrams
Complete Set For Modeling

Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of a U.S. Abrams main battle tank, in an early M1 variant, produced from 1979 to 1985 in over 3000 units.

The kit itself is an old ESCI kit (ESCI – 8307 – 8070 – M1 Abrams) a subject interesting in 1987 when the kit was originally released, but of little interest nowadays since variants who saw action, even in the first Iraq War, 1991, were upgraded variants, and more contemporary version are very different of the model depicted, and some available by new makers in recent years.

About the quality of the kit, it’s an average good quality kit, considering its age, with some shortcomings regarding the accuracy to represent a M1 variant, being the main one (the most noticeable in a quick view) the armored side skirts cut shape in the rear. The finest modellers dislike also the way each pair of bogie wheels were tooled as a single double-wide wheel rather than two, with obviously drives also to a simplification in the chains, which don’t have the dents. These are very common simplifications in the 1/72 scale at the time. In the interesting features, the drivers hatch can be position opened and tow cable is a separated part

This line of Italeri kits includes in the box everything you need for a basic build and finish, including the kit, with decal sheet for two markings, glue, three paints, one brush, precision tweezer, double sided sandpaper and sprue cutter.

Despite the lite interest or value of the model itself, this packages are good as gift for young modelers (or not so young) who want to start in the hobby and vie this nice activity a try, and with such scope in mind, flaws of the kit are not so important.


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