Valom – 72160 – DH.91 Albatross (Franklin, Faraday)


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DH.91 Albatross
(Franklin, Faraday)

A total of seven aircrafts were built, the first two as mailplanes and the remaining 5 as passengers aircrafts. Initially all of them were operated by Imperial Airways (Later reorganized as British Overseas Airways Corporation, BOAC) but in 1940 RAF pressed into service the two mailplanes, to cover the route with Iceland. The two aircrafts were the Faraday and Franklin and both ended their days crashing at landing in Reykjavik, in 1941 and 1942 respectively.

Re-box with new decals of kit Valom – 72129 – DH.91 Albatross (RAF). The new decal sheet includes two RAF markings for two aircrafts named Franklin and Faraday respectively.


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