Zvezda – 5205 – Air Combat WWII Battle Set


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Air Combat WWII Battle Set

Model set in 1/72 scale focused on Eastern Front air combat, re-using previous released models.

Box contains 5 full aircraft models, plus 2 figures boxes.

The figure kits are:
Zvezda – 6188 – German air force ground crew
Zvezda – 6187 – Soviet air force ground crew

Both of them consisting of 5 different figures and some accessories.

The model kits are:

Zvezda – 7304 – German fighter Focke-Wulf FW-190 A4
Zvezda – 7302 – German fighter Messerschmitt Bf-109 F2
2 x Zvezda – 7301 – Yak-3 Soviet Fighter (One of them seems to wear Yak-3 Normandie schema, which would mean new decals, but it’s unconfirmed)
Zvezda – 7306 – German dive bomber JU-87B2 “Stuka”


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