Trumpeter – 07332 – SHEN HAI YONG SHI 4500-meter Manned Submersible


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The Deep Sea Warrior (Shen-Hai-Yong-Shi) bathyscaphe is a deep-submersible vehicle crafted in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) capable to dive to a depth of 4500 meters. Entered service in 2016.

In contrast to its predecessor, the Jiaolong, which relied on foreign suppliers for half of its components and technologies, the Deep Sea Warrior demonstrates a notable shift with 95% of its technology and components being domestically developed in China. Key subsystems, including the crew compartment, buoyancy material, lithium battery, propulsion system, deep water pump, mechanical arm, hydraulic system, acoustic communication system, control system, and underwater positioning system, have all successfully passed certification and are Chinese developed technologies.

Parts are pre-colored.


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