RPM – 72212 – Renault R35 wczesny (early) (12. Batalion Pancerny – Polska 1939)


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Renault R35 wczesny (early)
(12. Batalion Pancerny – Polska 1939)

Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of a French WW2 R35 tank in its early original configuration, equipped with a short 37 mm gun and which was also the common export variant to Poland, Romania, Yugoeslavia and Turkey. Other countries will receive R35 tanks from the Germans after capture them in the invasion of France, as Bulgaria. Many of the tanks issued to Poland (12th Pancerny Battalion), crossed the border to Romania and engrossed Romanian army, and three of them crossed the border to Hungary.

The main odd of the kit are the single piece tracks, hard plastic, which are poorly done and tarnish the all good things in the kit.

This kit contains decal sheet for 8 different markings included several of the exported versions of the tank as Romania, Yugoeslavia or Poland, as well as some French markings:

  • 1.Batljon bornich kola, Kingdom of Yugoslavia 1941.
  • Unknown unit, Romania, 1941 3 colors.
  • Exhibition of captured equipment, Hungary, 1941.
  • 12th Pancerny Battalion, Poland, 1939.
  • 43 Bataillon de Chars de Combat, France 1940.
  • Unknown unit, France, 1940
  • Unknown unit, Syria, 1941
  • Unknown unit, France, 1940
Back box with schemas, markings and decal detail.


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