UMMT (Ukrainian Models Military Technics) – 704 –  Armored Train No. 15 Of The 1st Armored Division (Basic Version)


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Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of a Russian Amored train of the WWII. Kit include armored locomotive and one armored artillery platform, part of the train Nº15 of the 1st Armored Trains Division.

The train was composed of an armored locomotive of the PR-35 type (similar to UMMT – 688 – Armored Locomotive of Type PR-35), two light armored platforms of the PL-37 (Only one included in the kit) type and an anti-aircraft platform SPU-BP (not included in the kit, see below).

The armored platform PL-37 was crafted from the chassis of a 50-ton wagon utilized on Diamond carts. Its 20 mm hull armor offered comprehensive protection, capable of withstanding 7.62 mm armor-piercing bullets from any range and 37 mm armor-piercing shells from distances of up to 1200 meters. Sporting two gun turrets with sloped sides, each housing 76-mm guns of the 1902/30 model with a maximum elevation angle of 37 degrees. Additionally, each armored platform was outfitted with six Maxim machine guns, one coaxial in each turret and two on each sides of the platform. The platform had a crew of 24 soldiers.

Kit include a large amount of PE (photo-etched) parts as well as 3D printed parts (turrets of the artillery platform).

Is possible to extend the train by adding one anti-aircraft platform as kit UMMT (Ukraine Models Military Technics) – 617 – SAM-AT Platform. The PL-37 artillery platform has not been released as an independent model (at the time of release this kit) so it’s not possible to add a second PL-37 platform as the train should have.


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