Revell Announces for First Quarter 2013

The last newsletter by the brand comes full of announces for the next year, with some great news in our favourite scale and some oldies coming back to life. As soon as the new sets be available we will update the Ebay utility with those sets.

First the new sets,

03194 StuG 40 Ausf. G

Well, another StuG never disturb, if not an original subject, for sure Revell quality will bring us a nice option for this subject, one of the most famous tank hunters during the Second World War, produced in a wide range of versions.
Expected Release date 04/2013
No. of parts 149
Length 94 mm

03199 Stridsvagn 122A / 122B

The Swedish Stridsvagn 122A is an export version of the Leopard 2A5. It differs significantly from the original with additional full armour on the vehicle front, bomblet protection for the turret roof, modified side skirts and a GALIX smoke grenade launcher system. The Stridsvagn 122B version has additional mine protection which is also included on the Leopard 2A6M.
Is the first time that this one is released in our scale.
Expected Release date 02/2013
No. of parts 168
Length 134 mm

05119 US Navy Skipjack Class Submarine

Bad news for the Moebius’ guys, who already have this one in their range. Which was an exclusive model, now have two options to choose, and for sure the Revell ones will be a high quality set as the Moebius is.
No. of parts 135
Length 933 mm
Expected Release date 03/2013

05211 Search & Rescue Vessel BERLIN

For 25 years Revell and the DGzRS (German maritime search and rescue service) have been involved in a special partnership. It all began with the model of the then ultra-modern sea rescue cruiser BERLIN. From then on every Revell model kitsold has supported the important work of the sea rescue service. During this time over 100,000 Euros have been collected.

Built 1985 (commissioned)
– 1-piece hull
– Detailed decks and superstructures
– Rails and protective mats
– Radio mast with radar screen
– Upper control position with detailed equipment
– Two water cannon fire extinguishers
– Three ship’s screws
– Detailed tender on after-deck

2 Authentic decals:
– DGzRS Berlin
– DGzRS Hermann Helms
Expected Release date 01/2013
No. of parts 208
Length 382 mm

And two figure reissues:

02507 Japanese Infantry WWII

These are good news for the Pacific theatre, together with this year re-release of the old Matchbox Japanese forces now you can put together this interesting set by Revell, both are quite compatible.

02501 Australian Infantry, WWII

Commonwealth reinforcements to fought the Axis in the Africa Campaigns. Nice figures coming back from the past.

Also some helicopters, planes, small scale ships and cars have been announced, so fro further information about this take a look to the Revell’s site.

All images copyright © Revell.

Hät – New batch of releases.

To end the year Hät is close to release a new batch of excellent sets.

In our favourite scale they are:

8174 Brunswick Cavalry
8175 Wurttemberg Cavalry
8197 Prussian Hussars
8237 Zulu War British Inf
8248 El Cid Spanish Command
8249 El Cid Moorish Command
8279 Nap Mounted Officers
8299 Zulu War Brit Command
8304 Napoleonic British Command

Some of them long time waited, as are the related to Zulu Wars. All have an excellent looking, but some features catch our attention, as for example the existence of separate heads, even one set show figures without head. This can cause some problem as glue don’t take very well this figs, but are a nice detail to achieve more variety.
Also the sculpture for the “El Cid” related boxes haves a superb appearance.
Napoleonic fans also will be very happy, a well bunch of related sets are in the list.

Also they will release two sets in the 1/32 scale, not in the scope of this blog.

Note than the sprue shots correspond to a test stage, so could happen some changes with the final released product.

All the images are copyright © Hät and are showed in their site. Some test painted figures also are showed there, but, in our honest opinion, some of the test painters are not to rise the quality of the figures.

Minairons Miniatures

Located in Barcelona a new brand raise the field of battle with two clear objectives in mind, Spanish Civil War and Wargames.

Their first official release is an excellent fast-built package with 3 models inside and some built options, as are the two turrets available for the Pz I inside the box.

The Pz I were issued to the Nationalist side during the Spanish Civil War where they show their large lacks and usefulness for the battle. Even this, their were largely used during the invasion of Poland and in the  “Fall Gelb ” operation, which ends with the invasion of France, Belgium and Holland.

So this first release have more uses than the Spanish Civil War. Although this first steps of the WWII are not the preferred for games, they are very interesting and a well bunch of models and figures are available for this stage of the war, although many gaps still need to be properly filled, as the Polish army, the Netherlands army, Belgium or even the BEF, which lately are receiving reinforcements in the way of small Zvezda boxes, very appropriates for this period.

Decals also include Kuomintang Chinese option.

The box contains decals and paint schemes, together to clear instructions, important detail even if  it is a fast-kit built. Unfortunately the pre-order option through Ebay has gone away, so by now, our utility is not very useful to buy this model.

For the future, some other Spanish Civil War vehicles will be produced,  some of them only in resin and smaller series, as they only have a value for the Spanish Civil War, which unfortunately hasn’t many followers over the Spanish frontier.

Metal figures are also in they scope, we will see, as their partnership with Falcata has been suspended by now.

Although this first release is in our favourite scale, 1/72 – 20mm, some other scales will be threatened shortly, 15mm with 1/100 scale vehicles and they will try, if things goes well, with the bigger 28mm scale.

As in any business, starts are hard for small miniature makers, so we hope this adventure goes well and see what this brand can achieve in future, we follow with special attention this brand because we also are Spanish and thinks that the Spanish Civil War needs a better coverage than the one suited till now, by polemics brands such BUM.

Supporting this adventure, some distributors has signed with the brand, by now they are Caliver Books – Partizan Press in the UK, Waterloo 1815 in Italy and The Hobby Den in Ireland.  In Spain they will be distributed by Atlántica Juegos and excellent store located in my own town, Madrid.
Sure more dealers will be announced soon.

The next announced set is a resin piece, the Bilbao Armoured Car, shown here as 3D drawing.


As far as we know, they are using modern technologies such 3D Printing and 3D Design to make real their models, showing another example of how these techniques are getting stronger if not the strongest in the scale models world.

The brand don’t discard to go over other historic periods, which sure will be a great new and sign of their success.

Official site of the brand is which is in construction by now, but you can follow their updates through their blog here.

Our best wishes for Minairons guys.

The painted models shown below were painted by Ruben Torregrosa ( as commissioned work for  the promotion and box art of the brand. All the images are copyright of © Minairons Miniatures.

Dragon M4A1 (76) W VVSS

I love Dragon Shermans, and especially the M4A1 with the 76 mm gun. I also think, as other Sherman lovers, it has the most “sexy” lines from all M4 range. I chose a registration from “Operation Cobra” with the distinctive black patches camo over the Olive Drab.

I started with the bogies; the skids were taken from an UM kit, and proved to be the ideal solution. However I had to add two more bolts on the interior of the skid, cause they were missing.

I glued the bogies into position and continued with the back engine doors. The tension mechanisms of the idler wheels was corrected, with the three bolts oriented downwards, not like Dragon indicates.

The tail lights must be moved a few millimetres back until it is aligned with the edge of the hull. I used aluminium beer can strips to simulate the brackets for fixing the tools on the hull.

The siren brush-guard was the most difficult to make, as it is not provided with the photo-etched parts in the kit.

I also modified the front fenders, as the one from the kit were incorrect.

But the most difficult part was to make and add the casting registration number on the turret. I also made a few modification, mostly on the rear of the turret, where I replaced the MG cradle and the L frames. After that I modified the loader’s split hatch into a “low profile” D94598 and add the MG barrel bracket.

The final assembly and adjustments.

After that I sprayed Vallejo Olive Drab and the camo black patches.

And the final result, after weathering with oil paints and some pigments.


This model is available in our utility here.

Strelets M012 Military Order Warriors

After the First Crusade, Military orders was raised to protect the way to Holly Land, and the Holly Land itself. They were not only the biggest Christian force overseas, their power grow to become some of them in great forces in the continent, which some times caused
suspiciousness and problems with Kings and Feudal Lords.

There a good mix of clothes and weapons, including leather armours, coat of mail and different helmets and shields, which seems to be quite correct.

Shields are quite big for battle, even one of the figures have a Pavise, more common to see on archers or crossbowman.

The box haves 48 figures in 12 poses (4 equal sprue). Around a 1/3 of the figures are kneeling, so it’s a good set to depict a wall standing for a charge. Sculpture style is the usual of Strelets, sometimes not compatible with other makers, but detail is shape.

Figures haven’t flash, all the separate parts (just a few) fit quite well, although spears quality is not the best.

Italeri WWII German Sd.Kfz. 232 6 Rad 1/72.

Hello all,

This Early war German armoured reconnaissance car has been designed with war gamers in mind. It has only has one spruce which goes to say how simple the kit is, well saying that I still managed to have fun and games building this kit. A few fiddly bits and pieces to get lost or broken.

I love all things early war, I am not a fan of the “Tigers and Panthers” not that I wouldn’t build them, just I like the unusual. This kit fits the bill, you have the choice of four decal options, ranging from a vehicle on exercise to the blitzkrieg across France.

The body of the car has only four parts which fit together very well indeed, I believe this kit is a new tooling from Italeri which explains this. The turret is simple to build, but has closed hatches which is a shame. Opening them up is a little beyond my skills at the moment.

The wheels and suspension is very simplified which I do not believe is a problem because how often do you ever see the under side of a model? Unless the dio is of it jumping ten double Decker buses why worry.

The rest of the build was not as easy, things got “fiddly”. I would recommend using a quick dry glue or one with an activator for the mud guards and other little bits like the lane marks and head lights. The side lights met with the carpet monster one drunken night so they got left off. The front light met with my big sausage fingers and has not been sorted out yet.

The painting of the build did not go to plan either. I tried to hand paint it and it looked awful, so out came the airbrush and rescued it. I still think it looks a little dark but a touch of Tamiya weathering powder has lightened it up a treat.

I went for the 1940 France campaign for the decals. They like most of Italeri decals went with no problems with the help of some microsol. A great finish with that painted on look. The weathering was next, I used the normal MiG weathering pigments. This time I mixed Vietnam mud with a little dark mud and plastered the bottom and sides of the car. I tried not to go over board this time and think I like this look better.