Airfix Sd Kfz 222 German Reconnaissance Set (02312)

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Airfix Sd Kfz 222 from Airfix 1/76 German Reconnaissance Set (02312)

Airfix Sd Kfz 222 is probably one of the worst 222 available in 1/76 scale. The turret is so inaccurate that don’t correspond to any real version of 222. I was trying some new pigments with this models, but i just get some result with black pigment on scape zones. Dusted effect goes away in varnish phase. !?
I’m gladded with European theatre ones more than DAK, which seems to be more ugly.
Although they are 1/76 have a similar length and width than true 1/72, but is less tall, and wheels diameter is significantly appreciate.


At Airfix Tribute Forum you can see a lot of great reworks around turret.


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