I wanted to build a submarine for a long time and this little kit from Special Hobby was the perfect opportunity. The box has two plastic sprues and the build is quite straightforward.

After a white primer, I airbrushed German Grey on the hull and Metallic Copper on the torpedoes, all paints from Vallejo.

Initially, I wanted to represent the submarine fully submerged, but I abandoned this idea because I did not have enough epoxy resin for the water. I poured the resin mix into a mould and then I added the submarine before the resin fully cured.

To mimic the ocean colour, I used AK Interactive’s Atlantic Blue paste, applied with a stiff brush. The various shades of blue were obtained by mixing the paste with acrylic paint. After the paste dried, I made the waves using a dedicated product from Woodland Scenics (Water Waves) – a transparent paste that does not cure rapidly allowing the modeller to give the desired shape/hight.

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