First to Fight – 03 – Polish C2P Tractor + ACE – 72533 – Wz.36 (Done)

The artillery tractor C2P was based on modified chassis of TKS tankette. The production began in 1937 and more than 200 (270?) were completed.
In Polish Army C2P tractors were used only for towing 40mm wz.36 Bofors AA-guns and ammunition trailers. Some captured were later used by Germans.

Few words about kit.

Model of the Polish company “first to fight” first time I held in my hands. Casting quality is very high. The model consists minimum of parts. As for me price $ 9 a little too big for such a tiny model with so minimum of details. In addition, the set has no decals and glazing (glass on the photo I made of transparent plastic). In the box lay a beautiful book with information about machine. Assembly instructions and camouflage scheme.

Nothing more to say about this kit.

Wz.36 its The Bofors 37 mm gun was an anti-tank gun designed by Swedish manufacturer Bofors in the early 1930s. Licensed copies were produced in a number of countries. The gun was used by some European armies during World War II, mainly at the early stage of the war.

According to the rule this tractor transported  AA  Bofors 40mm . But I wanted to be a 37mm Bofors anti tank gun. Different happens at war.

Few words about Bofors kit.

To my surprise the quality of this set of “ACE” was great. There was no sink marks and burrs. The set is very neat and does not require any modifications.

As usual, everything was painted with artistic acrylic, oil and MIG pigments.


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