Revell – 00026 – Torpedo Boat PT 167

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Revell – 00026 – Torpedo Boat PT 167

This code number 00026 belongs to the old PT series tooled originally in 1963, and initially as the iconic PT-109 were John F. Kennedy served during WWII. The boat is an 80′ Elco PT boat class, and was one of the last two releases this kit in the year 2011. The same year Revell – 0310 – PT-109 P.T. Boat was released, being the last release of the series.

There are around 10-12 different releases for the same kit, by Revell Germany or Revell-US, spawning from the 60s till 2011.

This edition included two markings, for the PT 167 but also for the iconic PT 109.

The Kit was considered quite correct despite its age, though fitting is not easy and filling and sanding is required. Always noted by community is that both the machine guns and the rear 20mm gun are not especially well detailed.

In the year 2018 Revell tooled a new Elco 80-feet PT released initially as Revell – 05147 – Patrol Torpedo Boat PT-109, upgraded with new parts in 2019 as Revell – 05165 – Patrol Torpedo Boat PT-579/PT-588 and upgraded again in 2022 as Revell – 05175 – Patrol Torpedo Boat PT-160. This last series by Revell is considered without doubt the best Elco 80-feet PT kits in 1/72 scale.



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