Pit-Road – SG-04 / SG-05S- IJA 28cm Howitzer

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IJA 28cm Howitzer

There are two code numbers for the same kit, but there is an important difference between them, code number SG05S include 3 extra figures, one of them is General Nogi.

So one version contains 4 crew figures, and the other 7 figures including Nogi. All the figures are hard plastic multi-part. A very nice kit for the Russo-Japanese War.

Pit-Road also manufactures a PE detail set for this kit (PE-72001).
Both general Nogi version and PE detail set are very hard to find.

*Be aware on the purchase results, to be sure what version are you purchasing. In case of doubt, ask the seller.

We guess these are the 1/35 scale variant figures, and not 1/72. For sure you can’t expect so nice detail on the 1/72 version, but we are not able to find a picture of the 1/72 figures.


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