1/72 Atlantic 1510 – The Greeks (Greek cavalry Set 1806)

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This is the small box set of the Greek cavalry set 1510 that came with Chariot and horsemen. Set 1510 is available from Nexus as set ATL06

The Atlantic set contains one sprue in bleached orange plastic containing one chariot, two crew and 4 horses. No-one really knows if the greeks used chariots in warfare but this could be a battle taxi (to get the lord to the front line) or a racing chariot.

Basically the set is a bit of an historical mess..the hoplite style of armour doesn’t fit to the period in which chariots were used in warfare, and even then, the Greeks were principally a foot soldier army..

The set taken as it is, ignoring any historical mistakes, is ok.

Very little flash and the sculpting is finely done. Everything fits together well, no glue needed and the crew come with bases so they can be used independent of the chariot.

Now for the set built and painted. As ever I have used Acrylics. The base is made from sand mixed with wood-glue and then dry brushed with sand brown acrylic. The traces (reins) I added. This was done using a sowing needle and some thread, I just pushed the needle through the place where the bit in the horses mouth is…;-) Close up, it can be clearly seen that the traces are thread but on the tabletop..they look fine. The actual set up..ie, how many traces were used is also unclear so i went for a full set per horse..difficult to imagine how the poor driver would hold them all in one hand wile holding the whip in the other but that´s his problem 😀

The set I have painted isn´t the original from Atlantic but a re-issue set from Nexus