Ykreol YK07 The Nativity


Ykreol YK07 The Nativity

An unique set, union of two Odemar’s sets, The Nativity and Jesus with home. The set depict a complete nativity plus adoration with the three kings. Plus, there is a St. Nicholas figure.
The sculpture is deep, making easy the paint work, and have and average good detail.
Is a difficult set to find, i purchased it through Ebay in a Taiwan’s shop.
I don’t know in other countries, but by this dates in Spain is very usual to find Nativity figures in shops, squares, and other public buildings commemorating Christmas.
I’m very pleased with this work, it allows me to play with different colours not usually used and also play with all range of Citadel’s washes. A better work with this set could be find here. Francisco’s work is always an inspiration.


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