January 26th, 2020 Update.

Hello folks. As the moth goes on, there has been less updates, in the way of the new models appearing in the market than we expected. But we haven’t been idle, and ICM aircraft range has been added to our listings, 57 new references.

A coming soon kit by ACE has been added, ACE – 72451 – Unimog U1300L 4×4 Krankenwagen Ambulance , they also have planned another Unimog variant.

We also filled some gaps we found in our listings, and some re-release.
Previously missed by FFROM:
FRROM – FR0037 – Potez 25 A2/B2 Lorraine
FRROM – FR0038 – Potez 25 A2/B2 Hispano

Re-release by Revell (Originally an Italeri kit)
Revell – 04976 – UH-60

Previously missed MENG 1/72 Aircraft:
MENG – DS-003s – F-102A (caseX) ‘George Walker Bush’
MENG – DS-005 – F-102A (Case XX)
MENG – DS-004s – Fiat G.91R NATO Air Forces
MENG – DS-006 – CONVAIR F-106A Delta Dart Interceptor

The only really good news, a new 1/72 scale figure set by Linear-A:
Linear-A – 022 – The Etruscan Cavalry (VILLANOVAN CULTURE WARRIORS) set 2

And the never ending re-release rate of Airfix:
Airfix – A06019 – McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1 RAF
Airfix – A06020 – North American B-25B Mitchell
Airfix – A01052V – Hawker Demon

In the economic side about the sustainability of this site, Ebay amended some about incorrect categories mapping across Ebay sites, we received a small compensation feed for the last two months, and it’s supposed than system is stable now, although it’s still worst for us than before their update in October. Our estimated losses are still around a 30% less revenue than before.. being optimistic. But we’ll keep updating.

We also did a small update in the site itself,now, if you want, you can rate the kits. That will be very useful for others users. Specially if you leave a negative rating, we encourage you to let a comment to explain why.

Best regards.

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