1/72 Scale News, May 2023

1/72 Vehicles


Finishing the work started couple of days ago, all the latest releases by Trumpeter are now listed, after add Trumpeter – 07190 – German Leopard2A4 MBT and Trumpeter – 07180 – Russian 9P140 TEL of 9K57 Uragan Multiple Launch Rocket System.

Starting to recover Hobby Boss new releases, just added Hobby Boss – 82932 – Russian BM-21 Grad Late Version, a variant of the previous launcher HobbyBoss – 82931 – Russian BM-21 Grad Multiple Rocket Launcher with few differences.


Added one more scale model of the latest releases by Hobby Boss, Hobby Boss – 82952 – 15U175 TEL of RS-12M1 Topol-M ICBM complex.


Almost ready to finish the Hobby Boss releases, added today Hobby Boss – 82953 – Panzerjager-Triebwagen 51, a back to their origins by the brand, who started releasing several rail-train related model kits in 1/72 scale. The topic is probably the heaviest armoured railcar produced in Germany during the war, though they did not saw action three units were completed. This is the very last release by Hobby Boss and yet not available.

Also added Hobby Boss – 82941 – 152mm ShkH DANA vz.77, a very interesting topic, specially for those looking at the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as several of them has been delivered to Ukraine, joining some previously ordered in 2020. The model seems to depict the early variants. Both Hobby Boss and Trumpeter are doing an effort to provide coverage for some undone before scale models in 1/72 scale related to the war in Ukraine.


The other release by Italeri this month, is a reissue of Italeri – 7063 – M3A1 Scout Car just updating the box cover. As sure many of you already know, this is the old ESCI kit which Italeri updated just with a new decal sheet in 2009, and has kept in this new 2023 issue.

The last addition by Hobby Boss, Hobby Boss – 82940 – Russian 9A52-2 Smerch-M multiple rocket launcher of RSZO 9k58 Smerch MRLS, is not available yet, is another release related to the MAZ-543M truck. The brand is clearly taking advantage of the 3D design of the chassis, which has been widely used through modifications to carry a high number of different equipments not only weapons. Hobby Boss – 82939 – Soviet (9P117M1) Launcher with R17 Rocket of 9K72 Missile Complex “Elbrus”(Scud B), Hobby Boss – 82937 – Russian 4K51 Rubezh Coastal ASM with P-15, HobbyBoss – 82929 – 48N6E of 5P85S TEL S-300PMU SA-10 GRUMBLE and Hobby Boss – 82938 – Russian 130mm Coastal Defence Gun A-222 “Bereg” are the other related releases.

Zvezda is about to release a newly tooled kit, Zvezda – 5075 – Typhoon-K Russian Armored Vehicle.

1/72 Aircraft


The Chinese brand, Hobby Boss, also has released a new variant of their Grumman F8F Bearcat kit, Hobby Boss – 87269 – F8F-2 Bearcat.


Italeri has announced two new kits for this month, one of them in the aircraft section, an update of the kit tooled in 2013, adding a new sprue with new weapons payload, Italeri – 1464 – F-35A LIGHTNING II CTOL version (Beast Mode).


Starting to recover the wide list of Eduard models of the last month, we start by update Eduard – 70119 – Fw 190F-8 ProfiPACK, a 2016 kit re-issued now with a new box and same exact content. Is not the only FW-190 reissued by Eduard and we’ll add them all in the next days.


The next Eduard kit added is Eduard – 7467 – Fw 190A-8/ R2, a Weekend Edition version of a past kit released in 2017 in the Profipack line. Eduard has reissued also Eduard – 7083 – Bf 110E (Profipack), as it wasn’t in our listing has been added now. Is not the only Bf 110 released during the last months, also added Eduard – 7465 – Bf 110G-4, which is a reissue but with an updated decal sheet.


The last of the Eduard’s Bf 110s by now is Eduard – 7468 – Bf 110G-2, another Weekend Edition originally released in the ProfiPACK line in 2013.

Another series boosted by Eduard during the last months has been the MiG 21 series with the release of Eduard – 7469 – MiG-21MF Interceptor and the reedition of Eduard – 70144 – MiG-21PFM (Profipack) and Eduard – 70141 – MiG-21MF interceptor (Profipack).

1/72 Figures

Mars is about to releases one of the figures sets in 1/72 scale more waited since past year and for sure a big commercial success. Mars – 72138 – Ukrainian Defenders. The set focus on Russian invasion war started in 2022 and contains a mix of regular troops and militia or urban resisters with a nice variety of weapons including a NLAW antitank guided missile. The classic 8 (different figures) x 4 (sprues) brings a bit of repetition, but in any case is an excellent addition, waiting for the Mars moulding to do a best as possible work this time.


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