2022 Ukraine forces in 1/72 scale model kits (Part III: Farmers/Agricultural Tractors)

Agricultural heavy machinery is a well know niche for diecast models collectors as well as for tons of kid’s toys lines but after Ukraine 2022 war it’s also one of the raising topic for scale models builders in all the scales. The topic is not totally unknown, for sure now, more models will appear, but maybe surprisingly for some, there is already a nice range of tractors already available in 1/72 scale.

Is not a topic that got attention of major manufacturers and injected plastic technology, but brands we lot of experience and quality, modelling them in resin and photo-etched parts. They are not regular kits provided in our listings, but we offer below options to get all of them.

Planet Models, from Czech Republic, has in stock three full resin models based on the Czechoslovak Zetor 15 tractor, including a military version and two agricultural versions. Zetor 15 and Zetor 25, are post war tractors, 1946 onwards, which lasted in production lines till early 60s. They are probably bit old fashioned for the purpose of the Ukraine 2022 war, but some of the BMP-1 we have seen on video footages are not much more younger than 60s, thought upgraded. Is not our first option for modelling this subject, but is an option to consider. They all includes PE parts, and Planet Models has a large and solid trajectory of good and quality castings endorsed by Special Hobby and CMK.

For those interest in these models, they are available through Ebay, but we recommend buy them directly at Special Hobby shop.

Balaton Modell from Hungary, a well known brand by its special machinery, always in full resin kits technology, has two excellent and nice options to depict an agricultural tractor in 1/72 scale, both based in the Soviet MTZ-80 (and the 4 wheel drive MTZ-82) produced in Belarus and that remains in production till today as per 2022 since the early 70s. For sure this type is still present in the Ukrainian farms nowadays, so these are one of our favorite candidates. You can buy the models directly from Balaton shop (also available in 1/35 scale), they both are resin kits with photo-etched details.

Brassica Models, a Czech Republic brand, is a very specialized manufacturer who commerciales not one, but five, different Zetor tractor models, more contemporary than those we spoke above from Planet Models, making them an excellent candidate for the topic we want to depict, the Ukraine 2022 tractors farming AFVs and APCs. Brassica commercialize the following versions: Zetor 7211/7711 produced from mid 80s to mid 90s, Zetor 5011/5211 produced between 1984-1992, Zetor 12045 produced from mid 70s to late 80s, Zetor 8045 produced from early 70s to early 80s and Zetor 8011 produced since late 60s to late 70s.

There are two odds factors about Brassica models, one is the store, you need to go through the buy process only in Czech language, there is no other option. The second is about kit themselves, which are pretty good kits, but with lot of photo-etched parts, even for structural elements as all the cabs. They are not recommended for beginners at all.

You can buy all the models from Brassica shop.

Armada Hobby, also from hungary, produces a model which could be of interest here, the Dutra D4K, an Hungarian tractor which was produced from mid 60s to mid 70s. The brand offers three releases for this subject which can be acquired for example at Martola shop. The kits are also resin+photo etched parts.

Alex Miniatures, produces a T-150K tractor, which is currently an Ukrainian tractor (ex-Soviet) still produced in Kharkiv.

Out there, may be some Diecast or Toy alike collectible agricultural tractor, as well as some 3D printed one, useful for this topic.

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