April 22th to 28th Updates. (April 2013)

April 22th to 28th Updates.

We have moved here the “News” section, as it is always related to novelties in the hobby, and for us, it haves more senses to put them here, in the database, instead to put them in the blog section, as we did in the past.

To inaugurate this “new” section we make a brief about the updates for this week, which comes plenty full of excellent news in many of the scales covered here.

First of all Mars have announced a new batch of releases, some related with the Thirty Years War period, and one of them continuing their Lithuanian-Russian medieval range. As always, Mars shown some moulds problems and not the better sculpture quality, but for sure some of the figures will be interesting. Over more, we put our eyes in the Mars – 72073 – Polish infantry (early), Thirty Years War and in the Mars – 72049 – Imperial Mercenary infantry in winter dress, Thirty Years War.
To see all the Mars’ novelties follow the manufacturer’s link here.

Zvezda also have released some more small sets this week, 4 small boxes for the Feudal Japan era are also appearing at the stores. They all have excellent figures inside, but just a few, as for sure you know. See our related Feudal Japan sub-category to see this updates and more sets for this period in the 1/72 scale.

ACE announced their 72521 – K-81/2 12,8cm Kanone some time ago, and seems that it’s already being delivered to stores.

Military Wheels, Italeri (Vehicles) and UMMT also have been updated this week. Surf our categories to find out what are they offering.

We also want to point over a new brand included this week in our listing, they are Model-Collect a new Chinese manufacturer with an interesting characteristic, they are delivering full cast metal chassis together with plastic parts. By now we have added two of their 3 first models, because we can’t find a box’s image for the second T-90 version, the ones with the “Cast” turret.

Today, PSR announces some novelties by Strelets, a lot of new guns and vehicles, World War I related, are in the pipeline, but also you will discover there one ancient and one medieval release. About figures, they have announced a new WWII German set, yes, it’s true, a new German WWII set, German Army in Stalingrad.

The S-Model Pz II have been updated with pictures of the finished model by our friend Florin David, usually collaborating with us.

No more by now, we will try to do this kind of updates once per week.


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