More Sci-Fi, Anime listings…


We just added several more Sci-Fi items to our listings..

We was thinking to use the word “minor” and maybe they are minor in terms of the number of models.. but how to call minor to series like Space Battleship Yamato, Last Exile, Captain Harlock or Cowboy Bebop amongst others. An heresy.

So the updates go as follows.

Space Battleship Yamato:


Cowboy Bebop:

Last Exile (The initial Hasegawa – 64507 – Last Exile Silver Wing Vanship Vespa already was in our listings:

Space Pirate Captain Harlock (The original Hasegawa – 64501 – Space Pirate Captain Harlock Space Wolf SW-190  already was with us):

And that’s all for today. Stay tuned because we still have more Sci-Fi Anime items in the pipeline.. and of course, the best will be at the end.