October 2022, 1/72 scale news.



Finally after several years waiting for it, we can add the Polish Answer Plastic Model kits brand to the our listings. The brand is already commercializing two models in 1/72 scale, available as pre-order, after years working in several 1/72 scale moulds. The brand already produces kits in other scales such 1/48. The two initial releases are for the Polish PZL W-3 Sokół helicopter, Answer – 72001 – PZL W-3A Sokół Czech Air Force and Answer – 72002 – PZL W-3A Sokół TOPR Rescue Helicopter. Both will be fully available by the end of this month, and we hope that this brand will be able to release some other of the 1/72 scale kits they have been working for long, as the beautiful CASA C295 or the PZL 104 Wilga amongst others.


Italeri is about to release and old ESCI of which we spoke not much ago, the Fokker F27, with new decal options, Italeri – 1455 – Fokker F-27 Maritime Patrol


AVI Models announced three new models based in a new tool, Avi Models – 72026 – Klemm 25d VII in Luftwaffe Service, Avi Models – 72028 – Klemm 25a I and Avi Models – 72027 – Klemm 25d VII over Japan. The Klemm L 25 was a very popular aircraft in the late 20s and early 30s, produced in over 600 units. The two variants offered by AVI, d VII and a I has different parts for the engine. The kits are not expected at least before November.


In the new Kora Models we spoke about few days ago, we missed a new release based in the Fly Models G.50, Kora – KPK72162 – FIAT G.50 FRECCIA I. SERIE Finnish Service, with a field Finnish modification of the canopy.


Special Hobby brings back this month an MPM Productions mould in the shape of Special Hobby – 72468 – Gloster Meteor T Mk.7 “British Jet Trainer” with a new decal sheet.



Attack Kits announced two new kits in the “Hobby” Line. Attack – 72943 – Humber Armoured Car Mk.IV and Attack – 72958 – L1500S LLG WWII German Fire Truck. The Humber comes from a large series previously released, the Mk.IV already released in two Profi line kits, with 3D printed parts. The L1500 fire truck was initially announced as Profi kit, with code number 72959 but seems this release has been delayed.


At some point S-Model has released S-Model – PS720075 – M274&M40 recoilless rifle, a combination of kit S-Model – PS720074 – M274 Mechanical Mule with the M40 parts, certainly this was advanced years ago but never released. The kit is already available from Chinese sellers.


S-Model is releasing a bath of new models, based on previous releases. S-Model – ST007201 – Middle East AFV Set A, a combo box with two models inside, both previously released and S-Model – PS720042 – BMP-1P Infantry Fighting Vehicle, a variation of the BMP-1 kit.

ACE replaces an old entry with a newly tooled kit, ACE – 72463 – French Wheeled APC (4×4) M-3, which replaces the older ACE – 72411 – Armoured Personnel Carrier (4×4) M3.

Anime & Sci-Fi


More good news for Macross fans, Wave is about to release a new 1/72 scale model kits based on the popular anime series, expected for next month, and based in a short film aired just past year, part of the Macross Frontier series. The new kit, Wave – 074 – VF-171 EX Nightmare Plus EX (Alto Machine), is expected to be released in November but it’s already available as pre-order.