1/72 HMMWV Hummer (Humvee)

Hummer (Humvee in the military version) is a light utility or armored vehicle which has been produced in large numbers (over 200.000) and many different variants and upgrades in its year of service since 1984.
Its main operator is of course U.S. Army, but it’s in service in more than 60 different countries and has seen action in most of the major conflicts in the last 30 years like Iraq/Kuwait 1990/91, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq again.

Even being the backbone of the U.S. Army is not so widespread in 1/72 scale models world as you could expect, and only Dragon Models did a real good effort to provide some of the variants, followed by Revell, Military Wheels and T-Model in more recent times offering some of the latest upgrades/versions of this vehicle who slowly it’s entering in its replace time.