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1/72 – ICM – 72711 – Ural 375D Cargo Truck (Up Amoured)

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Ural Cargo Truck (Up Amoured)

Although some imagination have been put in this model, it’s quite similar to picture below, a real armoured URAL truck used by Russian Federal troops in Chechen.


A lot of Scratch built have been done here, using plastic sheet. Machine guns are taken from Zvezda and ACE kits.

Aboout thw original truck, Ural-375D was standard 6×6 wheel vehicle of 5t capacity for the Soviet Army. The modification Ural-375D was produced since 1964 in Miass. These vehicles were very popular in army because their robust construction and fantastic cross-road capabilities. Ural-375 chassis was used as the base for various special vehicles, such as command mobile posts, radio and radar stations, transport and launchers for anti-aircraft missiles, fuel bowsers and multiple launch rocket systems. Ural-375 vehicles were in service with Soviet and Warsaw Pact armies, armed forces in Africa, Asia and Near East.









The original ICM kit can be found through our utility here.

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