Red Box – 72153 – Byzantine Cataphracts Set 1


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Unpainted plastic soldiers in 1/72 scale depicting Byzantine Cataphracts.

Box contains 12 mounted figures in 6 different poses. Horses are also in 6 different poses.

 Cataphracts are an armored heavy cavalry that originated in the ancient Persia, and through the contact of this area of the world with both East and West, with an influence in all the later armored heavy cavalries up to the late medieval time. In the case of the set, the (late) Roman empire already had fought several times against Persians, Sassanian and Parthian (probably the most famous ones) heavy Cataphracts and had raised their own Cataphracts units before the Empire was split in West and East Roman empire.

The East Roman (Byzant) empire continued fighting Sassanians for centuries, the contact with the Cataphracts was continuos and they also equipped their own heavy cavalry in the same way.

The main weapon of the Cataphracts was the long spear or pikes, to shock enemy troops in a charge, and so this set populates 5 of the poses with such a weapon which is fine. Most of the illustrations you can find will show small round shields but Red Box also added some oval Byzantine style shield here. All the figures wear a tuft in the helmet, it’s easy to trim and get more variation. Red Box include here also an archer pose, which in our opinion is a mistake, thought possible. Figures seems to be valid for a wide range of time, but in particular for 8th to 12th centuries.

This kit has been released together with a set two, Red Box – 72154 – Byzantine Cataphracts Set 2 which covers hand weapons such swords or maces.

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