Great Wall Hobby – S7202 – US Navy F-14A VF-41 Black Aces


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US Navy F-14A VF-41 Black Aces

Includes small PE parts and nose art decal.


– Reproduce the late A type with a TV camera on the nose chin pod and an ECM antenna on the wing gloves and rear beaver tail.
– The characteristic variable wings of the F-14 can be manufactured by selecting forward and backward movements. You can also select forward or backward movement for the wing glove sealing plate and fuselage airbag.
– When the main wing moves forward, the front edge slats and flaps can be lowered, and the spoiler can be raised.
– The front legs can be selected from normal and contracted, and the radome, boarding / alighting step, intake internal lamp, and air brake can be opened and closed. Refueling probe can also be deployed and retracted.
– Ventral fins come in two types, with the rear tow bar lowered and raised.

・ Etching parts such as face curtain handle are included
・ Attached weapons: AIM-54 Phoenix x 4, AIM-7 Sparrow x 2, AIM-9 Sidewinder x 2, Drop Tank x 2
・ Attached decal: VF-41 Black Aces AJ101 Queen of Spades


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