Zvezda – 9037 – Black Pearl

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Black Pearl

Plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of a pirate ship based on “Pirates of the Caribbean” epic films Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl.

Tooled in 2010 this is an excellent example of the best Zvezda, and unique set only paired by the Zvezda – 9031 – Pirate Ship “Black Swan” which is a kit derived of this “Black Pearl” with a different Figurehead and some other minor details, but sharing most of the over 800 parts (almost 900) and all the main and structural parts. Due the high number of parts and small details, though the kit is well engineered it wouldn’t be our recommendation for beginners.

This same kit was later released under Revell brand in 2017 as Revell – 05699 – Black Pearl. Though both kits are still available in some areas the Revell set is easier to find, check both pages before buy any.

Several makers did and effort to cover the Pirates figures subject in 1/72 scale, and some of the figures can be usable. Not specifically created as Pirates and though intended for an earlier era, the large Red Box coverage for early centuries can be useful as most of the figures wear plain clothes. Hät also can provide some useful figures and all of those can be found under the Sailors in 1/72 scale topic page.

Older box layout.


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