Heller – 80815 – Nina (La Niña) 1/75 Scale


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Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/75 scale of a Spanish caravel, Nina (Spanish: La Niña). Together with the Pinta and the Santa Maria, the Nina comprised the fleet Christopher Columbus believed would lead him to India, ultimately leading to the discovery of the New World (America). Owned by the Pinzon brothers, similar to the Pinta, the Nina was a 60-ton caravel. Captain Vincente Yanez Pinzon, the youngest of the three brothers, commanded the expedition aboard the Nina. The ship was crewed by a total of 22 individuals.

This kit is 1/75 scale. An original Heller tool from 1969 reissued several times, last one in 2021 with the box cover we show here.

Kit consists of 99 parts, include vacumform sails.

The kit can’t be considered very accurate as the resemblance of the Nina had for the discovery of America was for sure a 3 mast caravel. The sails were initially latin type (triangular) as the kit depicts, but they were changed to square ones in a scale in Canary Islands. Later in La Española (today Haiti and Dominican Republic) a fourth mast (mizzen) was installed.

Same kit can be found as starter kit (code number 56815) with glue, paints and brush.

Back box.


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