Heller – 80816 – Pinta 1/75 Scale


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Together with the Nina (Heller – 80815 – Nina (La Niña) 1/75 Scale) the Pinta was one of the two Spanish caravels used by Christopher Columbus in his expedition that ended up in the discovery of America in 1492.

The kit is an old kit tooled in 1969 and reissued in 2022. The kit consists of 113 parts, and as we discussed in the Heller – 80815 – Nina (La Niña) 1/75 Scale, this is a better depiction of how the caravels in the expedition could have look, as this model is a three masts caravel and has the square sails as should be, but differences in the castle bow avoid to use this model easily as the Nina. From this point of view this is a better kit than the Nina. Flags are again vacumform that you need to cut in shape.

Kit is also released as starter kit (code number 56816) with paint, glue and brush.

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