Revell – 05433 / 85-0386 – Pirate Ghost Ship (Caribbean Pirate ship)

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Pirate Ghost Ship
(Caribbean Pirate ship) or Jolly Roger

This kit was originally released in 1960 as the Peter Pan’s Pirate Ship Jolly Roger, licensed with Disney, who had aired the classic animation film Peter Pan in 1953.

For decades the kit was released under variation of the same name, but in 1989 the kit lost the Jolly Roger name and was issued for first time as Ghost Ship, earlier in the mid 70s, the Disney reference was already committed. From 1989 to 2011 (Last release of this kit) it has been released either as Ghost Ship or Caribbean Pirate Ship.

We don’t know how it was about to build this kit in the 60s or 70s, but at least from 80s ahead the kit is a nightmare about flash and fitting, nothing than a young beginner can easily do, requiring lot of filling and sanding for a proper assemble. Inspired in the Disney film Ship, the kit is not accurate about depict any real ship, though can resemble to Dutch Flute style. Maybe because the moulds age was producing a really hard to assemble kit Revell thought of the glow in the dark paint that the brand suggest to apply unevenly to create a coarse coat and hide imperfections.

The early boxes are sold at high prices as they are really nice collector boxes, and probably quality of the cast is better than those from the later issues. This kit is a collectors or toy alike model.

Those looking for a real good pirate ship in our scale should look at Zvezda – 9031 – Pirate Ship “Black Swan”, which also was released under Revell brand and as the “Black Pearl” ship.

The early days in 1960 as Jolly Roger, sold as easy-to-assemble.


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