1/72 ACE – 72127 – BTR-ZD Airborbne AD vehicle “Screzhet” ( eng. Gritting) – InBox Review

Some history:
BTR-ZD “Skrezhet” (ZD stands for Zenitno Desantnyi) – BTR-D airborne troop carrier converted into an airborne air defence vehicle for carrying two MANPAD teams. The vehicle is fitted with racks for spare MANPAD missiles. It also is fitted with external stowage rails for a MANPAD on the right hand side of the roof of the troop compartment. It can also carry a complete ZU-23-2 twin anti-aircraft auto-cannon mount on the roof of the troop compartment.

As in  my country modellers says “ACE is not for pussies, it is for iron cocks”

This kit as all other kits of “ACE” very hard to assemble. Main problem is the amount of burrs and sink marks. But I must say that if the previous kits were on my rate like 4 from 10, and the last of a series BMP, BMD improved quality (where that 6 from 10)

I am glad that this set is the presence of vinyl tracks and some etching.

And for those who still believes that the kits of “ACE”  not for them ( because of the quality ), I must say that 80% kits of this company will never be released by other companies in Braille scale 😉

And now photo:


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