1/72 UM 305 – ZSU-37 AA Tank

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1/72 UM 305 – ZSU-37 AA Tank

ZSU 37mm were designed in 1943 and built from 1945 to 1948, it is the first soviet self propelled AA, but soon the poor 37mm gun shown his weakness , so it was improved in a short time and replaced by newest models. In fact it never saw action during the WWII although a few units were deployed for the 1945’s spring.

UM model haves a very acceptable quality, it haves some photo-etched details and good decals, although my box seems was spoiled at store, and none of one was present. Decals are taken from spare box, numerals are from other UM set, and stars are white U.S. stars, hand painted to red… so they look a bit so.
Instructions are clear and easy to follow, all the parts fits well their place. Nu putty was used at all.
Tracks are in segments, with some one to one links, this not avoid to have tight tracks, instead of some fall in upper segment. Turret easily rotate but mount the gun allowing it to have elevation is not so easy, so this one is fixed. One of the lacks of the set is it not haves any frame for the 37mm, so it is un-armoured.

Figures are from LW (LW 20 Russian Tank Crew), not a great set, i only had 3 figures from a BUM box, but they was the only Russian tank crews which was at my glance. They are a bit small, some flash and mould lines, but detail is deep and easy to work, at least, clothes. The worst, probably the faces and the poses. Other options for this subject are Orion and Preiser, and now two figures from the new Hät set, although as this turret is wide open it needs full figures rather than half ones.

Colour Guide:
Vehicle: Base colour is Vallejo Model Color Russian Uniform. Washed with Citadel Devlan Mud and the highlighted dry brushing it with a 1:1 mix of white and Russian Uniform. Some details in Citadel Red inside the turret.
(Note than manufacturer guide suggest olive green which is not so light as this Russian Uniform)
Base: Base Colour is Vallejo Model Color Middle Brown (Diluted). It isn’t washed and highlighted with Vallejo Model Color Iraki Sand.

Figures: Uniform base colour is Vallejo Model Color German Extra Dark Green Cammo. Highlighted with a 1:1 mix of White and the same colour. This Vallejo’s green has a high blue-grey component which is more appreciable once you mix it with white, so they don’t look green.
Faces and hands are painted with Citadel Dwarf flesh and highlighted with Elf flesh after an Ogryn Flesh wash. (This is not my preferred mix for faces i usually use Elf flesh as base, Ogryn Flesh wash and highlight with the same Elf flesh or a mix with a bit of white 3:1 or 2:1 )
Leather helmet is Citadel snake leather and the black ons is highlight with Vallejo German Grey.

Bits on the base are taken from the spare box, including some HO railway bits and two drums from an old ESCI T-72. To cover the drums i used paper tissue, watered to achieve the desired shape and then i airbrushed it with Spray varnish to keep the shape.

Tracks and base items also haves some pigments, wet applied. Low vehicle surface haves pigments dry applied.

Tufts in the base are from the excellent range of The Army Painter, which i recommend if you are looking for tufts. These used here are concretely the Highlands tufts.

This time i work the base with clay, it allows me to put some track marks. Over the dried clay i used some Vallejo pumice paste to imitate earth.

This is my first UM set and i’m very happy with final result. I recommend this brand.