Inbox Review – Miniart – 72019 – CITY BUILDING


We take a close look to one of the recently released buildings in 1/72 scale by Miniart, concretely the Miniart – 72019 – CITY BUILDING


The first than will caught your attention are the 185 parts that compound this box !!!!


Instructions are clear and complete, they follow the color guide of the parts making it more easy. Although there are only 22 steps to build the house, note that some of them are x6…


As you can see, it’s a well bunch of sprue.


All the parts have a correct pattern, below in detail one of the roof plates.


And now, some detail for bricks…






And stone parts…


The parts fit perfectly, all are clean cast, although you need glue, they don’t are snap together parts.


Detail is only for visible side of the parts, as you can see below, and that’s general for all the parts, there are any details inside the building.

And that’s the big odd of this buildings, they are pretty good, big enough for 1/72 scale, well cast, nice detail, but they haven’t interior detail at all, making them less usable for gaming. In a building like this, with three floors, there aren’t floor for any of them and the roof is not planed to be removable, although that can be easily achieved.
So these building are though to be part of dioramas, or to decorate gaming tables, but can’t be used to play inside them, or it will take you a lot of work to achieve it. Add removable floors also can be achieved, but interior details of the plates is none, and inside sight for windows and so is also ugly.

By the way, the prepainted parts also haven’t any value for us, unless they make clear and easy the build up process. You must prime before paint, so all this colors will be lost after built the model. If you don’t plan to paint the model, the finishing will be very basic, remembering us to the railway buildings models.

If you take care of this questions, you will get a perfectly cast and engineered building.

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