ACE – 72565 – Soviet 280mm heavy mortar Br-5

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Soviet 280mm heavy mortar Br-5

Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of a Soviet WWII heavy mortar BR-5 (280mm mortar M1939), the heaviest field artillery piece used by the Soviet army during the war. Around 47 units were produced during 1939 and 1940, using same carriage than the 152mm Br-2 heavy gun (The carriage parts are the same developed for the earlier ACE – 72560 – Soviet 152 mm gun m.1935 BR-2 release).

Kit includes PE detail parts and rubber tracks for the moving carriage, while tracks from the gun itself are hard plastic one. Includes some shells (2) and both transport or firing position can be assembled. Instructions sheets suggest 3 different paint schemes. *For long distances transportations barrel was removed and a separate and specific carriage was used to transport the barrel, not included in the kit. The transport configuration that the kit provides was used for short distances.



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