IBG Models 2022 Catalogue

The Polish brand, which already started the year offering great novelties and advancing not one but three new lines of kids (Centaur tanks and based chassis, Lancia 3R0 and of course their brilliant FW 190D series) shared today their full catalogue for this 2022, which is full of new models in 1/72 scale as we like. We just love IBG Models.

Their with fox and some of the entries are marked as secret to keep a bit the intrigue, but we can summarize anyway a well bunch of novelties to add to your stash.

In the vehicles line we found the following new kits:

These are 18 new models, discounting the two already from 2021, more than months of the year. The catalogue doesn’t contains any new entry for the World at War series, but probably brand threats this as a separate line not of IBG Models, and some new release in the line may happen too.

Close to the June batch, the Pole brand als announced the two Ukrainian BTR-4 (the brand said they were scheduled before the war). Also in the June batch, the brand introduced the 3Ro Italian Truck – 90/53 Ammo Carrier not announced before.

Models number reach 23, including the two kits already released in late 2021.

Updated in September the number of models grow again, though by the time of the year, we doubt all of the announced Diamond T variants will b released within the year. Anyway the output of the brand has been impressive this year.

In the aircraft line we find the following:

Plus 4 slots of secret items…

A big total of 28 new kits in 1/72 scale for this 2022, and at least, three totally new lines as mentioned above.

After June batch the kits number reached 34 with still some secret slot to unveil.

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