1/72 scale news for June 2021

1/72 Scale Vehicles


This month the honour for the first entry is for the new ACE – 72580 – G917T 3t German Cargo truck (m.1939) , not so famous as the Opel Blitz these trucks were manufactured in several versions till 1941, when Ford stopped send parts for them, and were produced in large quantities, around 25000 units.


Fixed image box for IBG – 72016 – Chevrolet C15A No.11 Cab Watertank which was showing a wrong image.


Italeri brings back to life another old ESCI kit without change a single part except decal sheet, we speak about the “new” Italeri – 7083 – Churchill Mk. III


Re-using some of the parts from their previous release, Trumpeter – 07157 – M983 HEMTT & M901 Launching Station of MIM-104F Patriot SAM System (PAC-3), Trumpeter offers for this month Trumpeter – 07175 – M1120 HEMTT Load Handing System (LHS)


Just added a missed entry earlier this year from T-Model, T-Model – TK7315 – U.S. Modern M1114 Interim Fragment (Frag) Kit 5 w/GPK Turret


IBG has shared pictures from markings and parts included in IBG – 72088 – Type 95 Ha-Go Tank and so we added them.

First to Fight also shared the new release for this month, First to Fight – 83 – German Heavy Field Gun 15 cm s.IG 33 , which now is part of our listings.

1/72 Scale Ships and Submarines


The second entry of the month is for a really nice subject, we speak about the Mikro-Mir Mikro-Mir – 72018 – Krupp “Forel” , the first submarine ever built in Germany, despite it saw service with Imperial Russian Navy. A really nice addition.

1/72 Scale Aircraft


IBG unveils the markings included in IBG – 72519 – PZL P.11c Polish Fighter and so we added. The kit is close to be released.


Sword has restocked Sword – 72088SE – Fairey Gannet AEW.3 (Including operators interior) and Sword – 72098 – Harrier T.Mk.2/2A/4/4N


Azur/Frrom is releasing a limited edition Frrom – FR0045 – Meteor T.Mk.7 , with 3 export versions decals.

Italeri completes its 1/72 scale offer for this month with a re-issue of the nice Italeri – 1450 – C-27J SPARTAN / G.222 , upgrading decals.


Just few days ago RS-Models announced several re-releases which are already available and today strikes again with two announced Aero A 101 versions, RS Models – 92260 – Aero A-101 (Suitable for Spanish Civil war) and RS Models – 92262 – Aero Ab 101. This looks like an early announcement and kits may still take several weeks till be available.

1/72 Scale Plastic Soldiers


We love when we can add something new to our Plastic soldiers listing and Zvezda bring us this month two new mini boxes as Zvezda – 6277 – Soviet Motorcycle M-72 with Sidecar and Crew and Zvezda – 6174 – British Headquarters WWII 1939-1945 , both of them are nice and well detailed additions and will be available very shortly.