Airfix 2022 new range.

A couple of days ago, the very British brand, Airfix, unveiled their new range and plans for this year, and of course this include a well bunch of new model kits in 1/72 (or 1/76) scale.

As usual, some of them are classic/vintage kits coming back, but the list includes also several new tooled aircrafts for the fans delight. Sadly, this year, the catalogue doesn’t include any new model kit in the tanks or vehicles line, either in the plastic soldiers/figures line, which only will get some of the vintage references coming back.

The first in, already announced past year, and expected for this January month, is the back of the Sea Harrier, in the shape of Airfix – A04051A – BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1, focused in the Falklands war. The kit comes from 2010 moulds.

Also announced past year, a new tooled Hawker Tempest Mk.V with code number A02109 which is expected for this year spring. At some point in the past Airfix, released the Heller Tempest kit, also seen under Smer brand, but it’s the first time Airfix tool this interesting aircraft.

In the side of the classic vintage kits, the list of re-issues appearing in 2022 is quite long, but also interesting, since some of the kits haven’t been seen for a long time. Let’s deal first with the less appealing reissues, at least to our eyes.

In the vehicles line, we get the classic Airfix – A01319V – Japanese Type 97 Medium Tank Chi-Ha Tank (1/76) gets a new box, for a content dated from 1974. As well as does the even more classic Airfix – A01307V – Joseph Stalin JS-3 (since 1962).

The figures line, largely forget by Airfix, get two re-issues, Airfix – A00717V – WWII Russian Infantry (1/76) and Airfix – A00718V – WWII Japanese Infantry. Nowadays you can find better figures for both subjects.

The thing becomes some more interesting when we speak about the vintage aircraft reissues, since some of them has been out for a long time, and some of them, are still interesting and not common topics. Airfix will bring to life during 2022 the following kits:

  • A02056V Westland Whirlwind Helicopter, a 1956 kit, older than most of active modellers, last seen in 1998 will be seen again in the 2022 Autumn.
  • A03017V de Havilland Beaver, a 1971 tooled kit, last released in 2006, Expected Autumn 2022.
  • A01046V FIAT G.50, an original 1967 kit, not released by Airfix since 90s, (Expected Spring 2022)
  • A02043V F-80C Shooting Star, an original 1973 kit, also released under Eastern Express brand, not seen by Airfix since 1997. (Expected Autumn 2022)
  • A02099V Commonwealth CA-13 Boomerang, an original 1965 kit not released since 1998. (Expected Autumn 2022)
  • A02025V Beagle Basset 206: An original 1968 kit, not seen alone since 1980, released in a starter pack in 2016. (Expected Spring 2022)

As soon as the re-release date get closer we’ll add all of them to our listings.

The main bulk of the novelties comes now, with some new tooled aircraft and of course some re-release or decal update of older kits but not so old as the vintage classics mentioned above. They are 13 more sets with a bit of everything, extending the tooled kits of 2021 as you will see.

  • A02047A – North American F-51D Mustang, Coming from 2012 moulds and recently seen in double dog fights package. (Expected Summer 2022)
  • A04054A – English Electric Lightning F2A, 2013 tooled moulds. (Expected Autumn 2022)
  • A02070A – F4F-4 Wildcat, 2015 tooled kit, also seen recently in a dogfight doubles box. (Expected Spring 2022)
  • A12008 – Handley Page Victor B.2, re-release of the excellent 2016 kit. (Expected Autumn 2022)
  • A02033A – Supermarine Spitfire F.22, 2012 tooled kit and re-released for first time. (Expected Summer 2022)
  • A04050A – BAe Harrier GR7a / GR9, re-release of the A04050 2011 tooled kit. (Expected Summer 2022)
  • A08014 – Douglas Dakota C-47 Skytrain, re-release of the 2014 newly tooled same code number kit. (Expected Autumn 2022)
  • A04064 – Gloster Meteor F.8, new tool for 2022. (Expected Summer 2022)
  • A04017 – Bristol Blenheim Mk.IVF Fighter, re release of 2014 same code number kit. (Expected Spring 2022)
  • A55204A – (Gift Set) de Havilland Vampire T.11, re box of the 2012 tooled kit, can be considered a re-release of Airfix – A55204 – De Havilland Vampire T11 Starter Set (Expected Spring 2022)
  • Airfix – A04053B – Fairey Swordfish Mk.I, new decals for the 2012 tooled kit. (Expected Winter 2021-22)
  • A05010A – Dornier Do.17z, re-release of the 2014 tooled kit. (Expected Summer 2022)
  • A06014 – Heinkel He.111 P2, re-release of same code number 2014 kit. (Expected Autumn 2022)

So, the Hawker Tempest Mk.V and the Gloster Meteor F.8 are new tools for this 2022, we think Airfix is reserving at least one more new tool for this year. We’ll see.

That’s all for now, a total of 25 kits in 1/72 (or 1/76) scale which will be released by Airfix during 2022, just over two new kits per month, which is pretty good, despite 10 of them are vintage classics and only two newly tooled kits, is a good effort to keep the catalogue updated.