August 2021, 1/72 scale news.

1/72 Scale Aircraft


We open fire this month starting by the novelties from Italeri for this summer month. Firstly an upgrade of their B-52 kit series, with Italeri – 1451 – B-52G Stratofortress Early version with Hound Dog Missiles


Between the chaos of ModelCollect new code numbers, the brand is releasing (unconfirmed when) ModelCollect – UA72225 – U.S. AGM-158 JASSM missile Set , and using this new set, they are offering a “new” B-2 bomber kit, just by adding these new missiles. ModelCollect – UA72214 – USAF B-2A Spirit Stealth Bomber with AGM-158 missile


Hasegawa has announced more re-releases for September-October-November and some new limited edition too.

Starting by the expected re-issues they are:
Hasegawa – 00532 (E2) – F-14A TOMCAT (Low Visibility) Reissue expected for October.
Hasegawa – 00334 (C4) – Mitsubishi T-2 Reissue expected for October.
Hasegawa – 0337 (C7) – F-15J Eagle Reissue expected for October
Hasegawa – 00438 (D8) – F/A-18C HORNET Expected for October
Hasegawa – 00437 (D7) – HH-60D NIGHT HAWK Reissue expected for October
Hasegawa – 00338 (C8) – A-6E Intruder U.S. Navy/M.C. Carrier Borne Attacker Expected also for October
Hasegawa – 00339 (C9) – F-8E Crusader October too.
Hasegawa – 00448 (D18) – F-16CJ (BLOCK 50) FIGHTING FALCON October
Hasegawa – 00545 (E15) – Mitsubishi F-2A/B Late October.
Hasegawa – 00454 (D24) – AV-8B HARRIER II PLUS Late October
Hasegawa – 00453 (D23) – Mitsubishi A6M5c Zero Fighter (Zeke) Type 52 Hei October

And then we have four new limited editions as follows:

Hasegawa – 02386 – TBM-3S2 AVENGER MARITIME SELF-DEFENSE FORCE 3RD TECHNICAL SCHOOL Expected for early November, includes several upgrade parts in resin.
Hasegawa – 02388 – F-35 LIGHTNING II (TYPE A) AIR SELF-DEFENSE FORCE 6TH AIR WING 2025 Expected for October, this a real futile exercise since kit includes two fictitious markings in advance of aircrafts which will be operated in 2025 by 303 and 306 Squadrons. We don’t really like this things.
Hasegawa – 02387 – Bell AH-1S Cobra Chopper “2019/2019 J.G.S.D.F. Akeno Special” Expected for October.
Hasegawa – 02389 – F-4EJ Phantom II “Old Fashion” Also expected for October.


Just added the three markings that A&A Models – 7224 – Beechcraft 200 Super King Air will include. (To be released in September)


Special Hobby has confirmed this month additions where we can find a new Special Hobby – 72364 – A.W. Meteor NF Mk.14 “The Last of Night Fighters” as well as a re-stock of Special Hobby – 72327 – Dornier Do 27 “German, Spanish and Belgian Service”


Airfix is about to release the brand new (newly tooled) Airfix – A04023 – de Havilland Mosquito B.XVI, and excellent kit, probably the best Mosquito kit at this moment, as well as to release Airfix – A02029B – Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 a re-decal of an original 2009 mould. It’s the third re-decal/re-release of this kit, to don’t confuse with the previous Messerschmitt Bf109 by Airfix, dating from 60s and 1975 respectively.


As part of the close future releases by Revell, a new edition of their Eurocopter Tiger kit will appear as Revell – 03839 – Eurocopter Tiger “15 Jahre Tiger” with a commemorative marking for the 15th anniversary in German service.


Arma Hobby just announced the new tooled Arma Hobby – 70047 – F4F-4 Wildcat (Expert Set) , which will include PE parts, paint mask and 10 different markings. Later we suppose other editions without PE or paint mask will be released. The kit looks really nice and for sure it can be considered one of the best F4F-4 kits in 1/72 scale you can get.

Hobby Boss is releasing shortly a nice Hobby Boss – 87270 – U-2A Dragon Lady kit, an aircraft not seen long ago, since Airfix tooled it in the 80s, and later same moulds were used by different companies like MPC or Academy-Minicraft. Considering that it’s one of the 4 aircrafts in service with the U.S. Air Force for over 50 years, probably it deserves bit more of attention.

Although announced as a September release, the latest Eduard kit in 1/72 scale is out already an available, we speak about Eduard – 2140 – ANGEL OF MERCY, featuring the good Hasegawa kit improved with PE and Resin parts by Eduard, as well as an special decal with 10 different markings, a must have.


Modelsvit keeps increasing their successful Mirage family with a new Modelsvit – 72064 – MIRAGE IIIO that will be released during September. IIIO designation belongs to the Australian licensed built Mirages.


Kovozávody and AZ Model made official the last batch of new releases today and we start by adding Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0258 – Convair XFY-1 Pogo “Prototype” and Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0259 – Convair FY-1 Pogo In Service. They both are re-issues of old KP and later Kopro models originally tooled and released in 1993. This new edition just add new decals.


Continuing with the yesterday started update of the new Kovozávody and AZ Model batch of releases, we just added Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0255 – Nieuport Triplane RFC/RNAS and Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0256 – Nieuport Triplane France, and unusual WWI era plane which can be considered experimental because its unusual wings configuration. The type never entered production and we are not able to confirm all the markings issued by Kovozávody. These kit come from new moulds tooled by Kovozávody this year.

Before jump into AZ Model, also by Kovozávody we have Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0253 – Airco DH-5 Australian F.C. and Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0254 – Airco DH-5 RFC which are also newly tooled this year.

AZ Model reissues their Saunders Roe SR-53 with a lot of fictional markings and tooling new parts for the double seat part. AZ Model – AZ7692 – Saunders Roe Rocketeer T.Mk.51/2A/2G and AZ Model – AZ7691 – Saunders Roe SR-53T-1 Rocketeer

1/72 Scale Vehicles


Italeri re-issues this month Italeri – 7047 – Sd. Kfz. 234/4, a mix of Italeri and ESCI parts. The old issue still had quite a lot second hand market, we would have prefer a new kit, but this is what we have.


We are reviewing ModelCollect official web site and is really discouraging that they keep updating code numbers of old kits without any apparent reason since nothing changed on the kit. We are adding some of these variations as we just did with ModelCollect – UA72166 – USA M983 Hemtt Tractor With Pershing II Missile Erector Launcher new Ver. Is the second time this year this kit changes the box and now it has changed also the code number. This just contributes to confuse customers and of course confuse us. This brand has been always particularly bad about announce new kits and the reality later, for not to mention the many inaccuracies and simplifications in several of their series. As we said, discouraging.
ModelCollect – UA72340 (Old UA72096) – Nato M1014 MAN Tractor & BGM-109G Ground Launched Cruise Missile box updated (Code number already updated in the past).
ModelCollect – UA72343 (Old UA72325) – U.S M983A2 Tractor with detail set Updated code number and box art.
ModelCollect – UA72341 (Old UA72125) – German MAN KAT1M1014 8*8 HIGH-Mobility off-road truck with M870A1 semi-trailer updated code number and box.
ModelCollect – UA72342 (Old UA72132) – German MAN KAT1M1014 8*8 HIGH-Mobility off-road truck updated code number and box image.


Special Armour bring us this month a new German AT gun Special Armour – 72025 – 7,5 cm PaK 40 “German Anti-tank Gun” coming from MK72 moulds. Sadly kit doesn’t includes crew.


Things are very calm down and the only we can do is add future releases with an unconfirmed date as the new Vespid Models – 720008 – Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf.G , note that this release will compete with a new Dragon kit for the same topic which will use 3D printed parts for the infrared devices. The new Vespid kit, based in the excellent previous Panther G release by the brand, is unconfirmed release date at this moment.

Panther Tanks fans will see this year how Dragon Models re-fit and re-release all their Panther kits line, such Dragon – 7339 – Panther Ausf. G with Steel Wheels which is expected soon. Dragon – 7308 – SdKfz. 251/2 Ausf. C – Riveted Version with mortar is also expected to be re-released this summer (already delayed for the first date they shared) and same situation for Dragon – 7306 – SdKfz. 251/2 Ausf C. with wurfrahmen.

Tiger tanks are also being reissued as the Dragon – 7203 – Tiger I Ausf. E – Late Production (with Zimmerit) and Dragon – 7251 – Tiger I – Mid Production with Zimmerit (both are expected for the following weeks and again delayed with the initial re-release date).

Dragon – 7311 – M4A4 Sherman will be also re-released soon and here things begin to be more interesting, since at least initially, will include 3D printed parts as bonus, for both headlights and lights guards. Initially this kit was announced for this month, but probably will suffer some delay.

The hour for Dragon – 7625 – Sd.Kfz.164 Hornisse and Dragon – 7628 – Sd.Kfz.165 Hummel (Late Production) is getting closer.


After a small holidays break we are back to finish the news by Dragon, and the new Dragon – 7535 – 3.7cm FlaK 43 Flakpanzer IV “Ostwind” , a cooperation with Lexa models, providing both PE and 3D printed detail parts, to offer probably the best “Ostwind” kit you can get nowadays. Dragon is hungry of 3D printed details and so the list of great news continues as follows. Dragon – 7698 – Befehls Panther Ausf.G , part of a new line named “3D Pro” and as you can guess it includes 3D printed detail parts. Dragon – 7697 – Panther G Steel Wheel w/IR Sights which will enter in direct competition with the recently announced Vespid model for the same topic, IR Panther, note than Vespid models seems to only offer Infra Red sights for Commander, while Dragon model has the full suit for Commander, Gunner and Driver. Lastly, Dragon – 7696 – Panther G Late Production w/Air Defense Armor, fitted with extra armour plates for anti-aircraft protection. All these “3D” kits are initially expected for September, which is round the corner.

To finish for a while with Dragon models, Dragon – 7684 – PLA ZSL-10 APC, Dragon – 7683 – PLA ZTL-11 Assault Vehicle and Dragon – 7682 – PLA ZBL-09 IFV are now available from Chinese stores and as pre-order from other well known stores, and so we updated the list of options to purchase each model.


ACE is releasing this month a new Mercedes Unimog variant, ACE – 72458 – JACAM 4×4 Unimog for long-range patrol missions of the Belgium special forces, based on the chassis of the previous Unimog releases by the brand.

Revell has unveiled their release plans for the next two month, and our first addition is the nice Revell – 03313 – BTR-50PK, coming from Toxso tooled moulds, but never released. A great looking kit already available for pre-order in some stores. The German brand will also re-release Revell – 03325 – Flak 37 + Sd.Anh.202 with new decals, considered by many as the best Flak 37 in 1/72 scale it will be widely available again soon.

Just added features details for the coming Vespid Models – 720008 – Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf.G.


Orange Models (Orange Hobby) is about to release Orange Hobby – G72-213-78 – U.S. Army Bulldozer D7 which looks a nice model. The brand achieved a good success with their previous releases based on the Sd.Kfz.7 and Flak 36/38 and this new model also looks good, although simplified.

3R Models / Transform is very close to release two Stryker variants, 3R Model / Transform – TK 7007 – Stryker M1296 Dragoon and 3R Model / Transform – TK 7008 – Stryker M1128 MGS, we don’t have confirmation if they have been released, but friends from reviewed them few days ago, so looks like kits are already available at least in China. As happens with Vespid-Dragon and the Panther kit, Dragon also released several Stryker variants not much ago. Looks like competence between Chinese brands is getting fierce.


Armory has announced a new limited edition of their popular KamAZ truck, time for the Armory – AR72448 – Russian Modern Army Cargo Truck MOD.43114 Short Base. The kit is already available for pre-order, while the long ago announced ZSU-23-4V1 Shilka isn’t available yet.

1/72 Sci-Fi


Hasegawa Macross reissues expected later this year:
Hasegawa – 9 – YF-19 Advanced Variable Fighter (Reissue, expected for October)
Hasegawa – 13 – VF-1A Super Battroid Valkyrie Reissue expected for October

1/72 Plastic Soldiers


Strelets has started distribution of the long waited batch of plastic soldiers release by the Russian brand. We’ll spend the day updating our site.

The first added has been Strelets – 218 – Russian Infantry Overcoats Shoulder Arms but there are much more to come.

Artillery reinforcements for the British War of the Spanish Succession army as Strelets – 243 – British Artillery (Spanish War of Succession), and the French counterpart Strelets – 244 – French Artillery (War of the Spanish Succession). The topic (War of the Spanish Succession) gets a well boost and also we get Strelets – 254 – Dismounted French Dragoons in Skirmish.

It couldn’t be an Strelets release batch without some Napoleonic reinforcement as Strelets – 275 – Austrian Uhlans, Strelets – 276 – Russian Hussars in Reserve, Strelets – 277 – French Guards Chasseurs and Strelets – 278 – British Infantry Firing Line. A bit of Napoleonic reinforcements for each major.

World War I gets a nice new set as is Strelets – 292 – WWI French Field Kitchen , of special interest for those diorama or vignettes builders interested in the WWI life in the front.

The Rif War also get more reinforcements, as Strelets – M149 – Arabs in Ambush (which generate to us several doubts specially about the machine guns) and Strelets – M150 – French Foreign Legion in Skirmish which are in clear disadvantage because the lack of machine guns.

The last three kits of the batch are for the WWII, Strelets – M151 – Moroccan Goumiers, Strelets – M115 – IJA Infantry in Defence and Strelets – M081 – DAK Desert Patrol which is an interesting set for those looking of poses for vignettes and dioramas.

A total of 14 new figure sets, a long waited batch.

*Distribution has started by Asia-Pacific area and North America and then will follow by Europe in next weeks.

1/72 Ships

We love when we can update the Ships & Submarines section with a novelty, as the new Revell – 05176 – US Navy SWIFT BOAT Mk.I, a lovely addition that will be available next month. The iconic Vietnam War patrol boat. Worth it to mention that the smaller PBR is available from Mach 2, Armageddon – ARM06 – Vietnam River Boat PBR 31 Mk. II “Pibber”, although is not an easy to built kit. It’s strange that these both important boats of the Vietnam War got not too much attention in the 1/72 scale. Revell kit has a length of about 21,3 cm by 5,8 cm width, and affordable 1/72 measure.

Revell is also upgrading the excellent Hermann Marwede rescue ship kit to Platinum Edition, Revell – 05198 – Search & Rescue Vessel HERMANN MARWEDE (Platinum Edition) , full of photo-etched and metal detail parts, almost up to 1000 parts.

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