Christmas 2021 1/72 Scale Plastic Models Gift Guide

Our personal selection of scale models in 1/72 scale for all the budgets and tastes.

For those who love scale models with wings of all times.

This is probably the hardest section to choose something to gift, because the offer is high in number of kits available, as the quality is, and not to mention the high number of different topics and “eras” even if aviation is a very recent human achievement.

We have decided to sort our selection from “older” to “recent” and offer two or three options to fit all the budgets. At the time of write this there are still a number of interesting releases that technically will happen during the last weeks of 2021, but since we are afraid that some of them, or for some location, will not arrive on time for a Christmas gift, we reduced our selections to kits which are already released, focused on the newer ones but without forget the large list of Aircraft kits in 1/72 scale released during all 2021.

The first stop in our selection, is the First World War, or World War One, a conflict which saw the rise of the aviation as a military thing from nothing to one of the most important branches of any army, thanks to their versability in roles such observation, reconnaissance, attack, strategic attack, transport, liaison and others. And since then, the importance of the air forces didn’t stop grow, till become, very probably, the most important branch of any army during the WWII.

Several brands has covered such important topic, but if we have to fit releases happened during 2021 we can reduce the list to mainly two, Eduard and Kovozávody Prostějov (KP).

The most exclusive and expensive in our WWI Planes selection, goes for the Eduard deluxe package.

Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0270 – LFG Roland D.II “Haifisch”

In a more affordable budget KP (Kovozávody) has a lot to offer this year for WWI, our first choice is the nice Roland D.II series.

Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0256 – Nieuport Triplane France

Our second selection from KP goes for the unusual Nieuport Triplane

If you like WWI period, you may want to take a look to our specific listing for the topic.

After WWI, and despite there are some really nice release related to the Inter-wars period, we have decided to directly jump into WWII, and due the relevance of the topic and the high number of quality options, we have selected 6 kits from this period to cover several nationalities, roles and theater of operations. The number of brands pushing around WWII is also hight, and the range of prices from deluxe big bombers kits to cheaper basic fighter releases varies a lot.

The Novelty

Flyhawk – FH6001 – Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless

Our first choice if for a brand which is releasing for first time a full 1/72 scale aircraft kit, Flyhawk from china, and we want to prize this.


Eduard – 2136 – ADLERANGRIFF (Limited Edition – Dual Combo)

Our second choice goes for the Eduard rebox of the Special Hobby kit, why ? because the Special Hobby kits is a great kit, bestseller since 2020, and Eduard deluxe repackage elevates it even more.

Old Rockers

Airfix – A04023 – de Havilland Mosquito B.XVI

Our third choice is for a classic brand, but for a fresh tooled in 2021 kit.

Not for beginners

Arma Hobby – 70047 – F4F-4 Wildcat (Expert Set)

Arma Hobby is increasing his quality in each release, we could have choose they very welcomed Hawker kit, but Pacific theater also deserves a place in this list, and the kit is also excellent.

For every budget

Zvezda – 7322 – Hawker Hurricane IIC British Fighter

In the cheapest budget possible, but without compromise quality at all, the newly tooled Hawker by Zvezda is the winner (and the reason to don’t include the Arma Hobby Hawker kit)

The less usual

Valom – 72145 – C46A Commando (The Hump)

In the something different to usual WWII planes, Valom did an excellent work in C-46 Commando and it’s our choice for those not looking for Fighters or Bombers.

Our last part of Aircraft model kits selections cover a wide range of time, as we have decided to group all of them under the Jets era which traverse from the late WWII till present.

The latest

Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0264 – Alpha Jet E “In French Services”

Freshly released, a not common subject, newly tooled and affordable.

The finest

Fine Molds – FP47S – F-4D “The First MiG Ace”

In mouth of many, FineMolds made honour to its name making the finest Phantom II kit till date.


Eduard – 2134 – Stříbrné šípy (Silver arrows)

A classic aircraft, still in the skies over 60 years after its first flight, in a deluxe release by Eduard.

We could have selected many more kits, but we have decided to limit it to 3 selections. A risky decision which lefts out lots of great kits, so we encourage you to surf a bit our Aircrafts sections, Military Aircraft and Civilian Aircraft as well as their helicopters counterparts Military Helicopters and Civilian Helicopters.

For the tracked or wheeled things lovers

The Beauty

CSM (Copper State Models) – 72001 – Italian Armoured Car 1ZM

The Latvian brand did this year their first 1/72 scale release and we can only love it.

The Beast

Vespid Models – 720003 – Pz.Kpfw.V “Panther” Ausf.G Late Production

Vespid gained reputation during 2020 with their initial kits, but this 2021, with the start of their Panther line, the Chinese brand conquisted the world.

Even more beast

Zvezda – 5068 – Russian Launch Vehicle S-400 “Triumf” SA-21 GROWLER

At the beginning of the year Zvezda smashed it with this fantastic beast. Now at the end of the year it’s still one of our favorite releases this 2021.

It’s difficult summarize the year in just 3 releases, so we encourage you to check the main section for vehicles plastic model kits in 1/72 scale.

Figures and Playsets

Sadly, only few players remain in the 1/72 scale figures game, and even less in the playsets one. Has been easy choose the playsets winner, but quite more difficult about the figures, since all the kits have pros and odds. There are 5 brands which keep regularly producing figure sets in 1/72 scale, Zvezda (only small sets), Linear-A (mostly antiquity), Mars, Strelets and RedBox (Including Alliance and Orion). Despite Zvezda quality is awesome, we don’t want to prize a small box, and about Linear-A, despite they also have great quality, they are focused in too specific subjects. This left us choosing two of the three more generalists producers, which is a hard decision.

The all in one

Italeri – 6198 – Montecassino Abbey 1944 Breaking the Gustav Line (Battle Set)

The latest Playset by Italeri includes an MDF laser cut building which is just awesome.

Time to start a new period if you didn’t already

Strelets – 241 – French Royal Horse Grenadiers

All the full range for the Spanish War of Succession by Strelets is a must have and was time enough without make justice to this so important conflict.

This was needed long ago

Orion – 72059 – Viet Cong

Vietnam War topic has been living for over 40 years of the old ESCI kits (Good ones, but only 2). It was really a good time to extend the range of options for this topic.

For those who love sea kits

Not bad a year for those who love ships plastic model kits in 1/72 scale. Some new releases, some new reedition. Is not a category which updates often, but here we have 3 selections for you.

The rookies

Fore Hobby – 1001 – Schnellboot S-38/1942

After the first excepticism, the new Chinese brand Fore Hobby will gain a place in your heart with their first awesome release.

A welcomed surprise

Revell – 05176 – US Navy SWIFT BOAT Mk.I

Revell made justice to Vietnam War with release, a must have for any lover of the period.

Back from the past

Zvezda – 9018 – Hansa Kogge Medieval Ship

Zvezda bring back a not seen for long kit, reissuing this nice medieval ship.

For the Star Wars Fans

In particular for “The Mandalorian” fans it’s a great year, since two brands are in competition to deliver the best Razor Crest starship in 1/72 scale. Both AMT and Revell revive old times competition delivering same subject in same scale, and almost same time (tied to the new season of the Disney TV series). Sadly both of them are getting tight to achieve distribution and shipping before the Holidays season.

The two kits in question are:

If you are not so much into “The Mandalorian” but something more tied to the main plot or a classic, our recommendations then go to some of the excellent Bandai kits.

For the more exigent and highest budget

A classic in a good budget

If no way, we lost you in the Dark Side of the Force, Revell also has a great novelty for you as well as some really nice classic by Bandai is our choice.

If we totally deceived you in our selection for this year, you can always check yourself what Star Wars universe has to offer in 1/72 scale, and we’ll back to the Jedi academy to keep learning.

For those looking into Sci-Fi and Anime related kits (but not Star Wars..)

Hard to choose since we are not expertise at all, and all these releases are mostly very hard to cover outside Japan, but we have choose two releases happened this year, that we consider that worth it.

The new classic

Hasegawa – 30 – VF-1J Armored Battroid

Half new, half old, it’s the first time an armored Valkyrie makes appearance in 1/72 scale, so we think it worth it to add, although roughly will be distributed outside Japan before Christmas.

The classic

Aoshima – 063156 – The Mole (Classic Thunderbird No.6) (AIP – AIP10007 – The Mole)

A classic, re-released this year by Aoshima, as well as by Adventures in Plastic, but both are the same kit.

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