IMAI – B-1350-300 – Genesis Climber Mospeada Legioss AFC-01H Armo-Diver

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Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of an Sci-Fi/Anime subject based on Genesis Climber Mospeada anime TV series from 1983-84.

The Legioss from Genesis Climber Mospeada was a transformable mecha able to take the shape of a fighter aircraft (Armo-Fighter), and humanoid mecha (Armo-Soldier) and the intermediate transform shape, Armo-Diver, similar to Macross Valkyries Gerwalk pose.

Imai tooled the first of their Armo-Diver in 1983, this model, the AFC-01H Armo-Diver all cast in blue color. The model requires glue for assembly and is some poseable once built, but it’s NOT a transformable model.

Despite over 40 years are gone, the Imai Armo-Diver kits are still available in second hand market, as they were produced in large quantities and seems the Armo-Diver had less success than the Fighter or Soldier variants which are harder to find.


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