World War One U Boats model kits in 1:72 scale


These two model kits were designed after original plans and photos with freecad. The PLA hull parts were produced with a Prusa MK3s, all other resin parts with a formlabs form3 3D-printer.

UB I, 25 parts:  Small coastal submarine, 160 tons, 14 crew. The 20 units of these class served in the German, Austria-Hungarian and the Bulgarian Navy.  Theatres of operation: Baltic and North Sea, Adriatic, Aegean and Black Sea.
See more details about this kit here.

U139, 85 parts, length over 1,2m: A class of 3 units, 3,000 tons, 80 crew. Armed with 6 torpedo tubs (20 torpedoes on board, also mines), two 15 cm and two 8.8 cm guns. U-139 cruised in the Biscay, and U-140 before the canadian and US east coast. After the war U-139 was commissioned as  Halbronn  into the French Navy until 1935.
See more details about this kit here.

More models are in development, you can find the information here.

A brief note about this contribution. Hans Joachim Koerver is a reputed historian as well as scale models enthusiast, with a deep knowledge in the U Boats warfare during the World War I. He manages this small line of German World War I submarines in resin, you can find all the information, details and purchase his models at He also wrote several books about this topic, you can find them in Amazon.
He freely sent us the information and pictures, and we are happy to publish them and share.

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