1/72 Scale August 2023 news.

1/72 Figures


Strelets has released in the past months a batch of ten new figure sets that we are adding now to our listings. The first two sets added are Strelets – 284 – 1745 British Artillery and Strelets – 283 – 1745 Jacobites’ Artillery, both devoted to the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion, and closing a range mostly completed by Red Box during past years, there is little left to add in this range. There is an interesting fact, as the British Artillery box is using a box art already used by Red Box in the range, this make us think these two particular sets probably had the origin in Red Box, a brand who since Covid pandemic and together with the Russo-Ukrainian war hasn’t released anything new in years. The only Jacobite infantry sets available are the old Strelets, very hard to find. Red Box scheduled new Jacobite infantry sets and we hope they finally are released some day and closes this interesting topic with a great coverage.

We also updated box-cover images for Strelets – 256 – British Dragoons, Strelets – 240 – French Gardes du Corps, Strelets – 255 – British Regiment of Horse (Late War) and Strelets – 254 – Dismounted French Dragoons in Skirmish as till now they only had the box art image.

Also added today Strelets – 242 – French Guards Musketeers, another addition to the excellent Spanish War of Succession range, where curiously not a single Spanish topic has been released yet by Strelets. This range can have some usable addition searching in the old BUM (Barcelona Universal Models) box, an expensive hobby, but some of them still available in Ebay.