May 2021, 1/72 scale news.

1/72 Scale Aircraft


As usual, Eduard is one of the first brands to officially announce the new releases of the month and make them available in their store. For this month, brand is re-releasing Eduard – 70142 – MiG-21MF Fighter-Bomber (Profipack) with a new box layout, probably because this release was affected past year by the fire in their warehouse. The second release is a Weeked edition, Eduard – 7406 – Albatros D.V (Weekend Edition).


Looks like Italeri is releasing this month only one 1/72 scale kit, and it is an old ESCI ones, Italeri – 1456 – F-8E Crusader , already released by Italeri around 2002, upgraded with new decals.


Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) is releasing two variants of the Bücker Bü 181 Bestmann developed by Stransky Kits, even before than Stransky release their own variants, as happened with the  Robinson R44 helicopters. In total there will 4 variants for the Bü 181, all of them with same plastic kit except decal sheets. KP versions are for Czechoslovak markings, both civilian and military, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0230 – Zlin C-6 “Basa” (Military) and Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0229 – Zlin (Zlín) Z-181 “Basa” (Civilian).

And so, we added today also the first of the two releases by Stransky for the same subject, Stransky – 7203 – Bücker Bü-181 Bestmann. It’s supposed than the Panzerfausts will be included in all the 4 kits.

Also for Kovozávody three Seafires has been added today, based on previous moulds by the brand, but adding some new part, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0238 – Seafire Mk.Ib, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0239 – Seafire Mk.Ib Vokes and Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0241 – Seafire Mk.Ib Over Africa.

Together with a couple of vehicles mentioned below, IBG releases this month a new PZL P.11 variant, time for the “c” variant, the main production ones, fitted with 4 machine guns. IBG – 72519 – PZL P.11c Polish Fighter. There are some pre-order slot yet at Hobby Link Japan.

ModelCollect has updated code number for ModelCollect – UA72211 (Old UA72200) – B-52H U.S. Stratofortress strategic Bomber, being now UA72211, unconfirmed if anything else has changed. They are also releasing ModelCollect – UA72212 – USAF B-52G Stratofortress strategic Bomber (new version) , a replace of the old B-52G wrong nose kit they did.


Airfix put on sale a “new” Airfix – A55002 – RAF Red Arrows Hawk (Starter Set).


A minor update for today, two Hasegawa kits got a new box image, Hasegawa – 02377 – F-14A TOMCAT “BLACK BUNNY/Low Visibility” and Hasegawa – 02376 – MITSUBISHI F-2A “8SQ 60th ANNIVERSARY”.


Special Hobby unveils a new kit for this month, Special Hobby – SH72435 – Mirage F.1AZ/CZ “The South African Commie Killers” , the South African version of the Mirage F1.


Added today a recent Amodel reissue of a Amodel – 7278 – PZL 104 Wilga 35H (Hydroplane).

The latest addition by DoraWings is Dora Wings – DW72028 – Bloch MB.152C.1, and upgrade (as the real plane was) of their previously released MB.151. Kit features PE parts and includes paint canopy mask.


Arma Hobby keep expanding their Hawker Hurricane series with a new model scheduled by late this month, Arma Hobby – 70044 – Hurricane Mk II b trop (model kit series), model kit seres only includes decals and plastic parts without any extra detail, a good old school kit package.

We have recovered today two missed entries for Hobby 2000, also for the Hawker Hurricane topic, but this time using Hasegawa parts with new decals, they are Hobby 2000 – 72001 – Hawker Hurricane Mk. IA Squadron 303 – Battle of Britain 1940 and Hobby 2000 – 72030 – HAWKER HURRICANE Mk. IA Late (British Aces 1940)


Looks like we missed ModelCollect – UA72206 – U.S.A.F. B-2A Spirit Stealth Bomber with Mop GBU-57 by ModelCollect.

Also by ModelCollect, looks like they will be releasing ModelCollect – UA72224 – U.S. AGM-86 ALCM missile, which seems to be just a subset of the past ModelCollect – UA72204 – Aircraft weapons set1 missiles

Clear Prop Models has posted images of the box content in the Clear Prop – 72005 – XA2D-1 Skyshark (ADVANCED KIT) , which is really close to be released. The package contains everything you need and detail as well as decal sheet is pretty much awesome, together with a PE detail set.


RS Models is reissuing 3 models for this May month. They are RS Models – 92263 – Heinkel 112 B (Spanish Markings), RS Models – 92265 – Heinkel 112 B (Luftwaffe) and RS Models – 92264 – Mörko Morane. Despite of be interesting kits they are old moulds by the brand and content has not changed versus the previous release.


Added MisterCraft – D-253 – Piper L-4H Cub which may be the old KP moulds also released by other brands such Smer or Mastercraft. Note that it’s not same kit than current Kovozávody Prostějov, which tooled at their own in 2015 year and recently re-released.


Eduard never miss the monthly date to announce new kits, but this time they even have wait to the new month to announce June releases, and even more, kits are already distributed and available. Eduard – 2137 – DESERT BABES a Tornado GR.1 re-pack of the Revell kit with an exclusive decal including 8 nose arts seen during 1991 Gulf War. Eduard – 7407 – Fokker D. VII (OAW) is the weekend edition of the well famed Fokker D.VII kit by Eduard. They also have re-released Eduard – 70143 – MiG-21PF (Profipack) updating just box art.


It seems to us that it was ages ago since we added Wolfpack Design – WP17207 – T-6G Texan to our listings, but looks like finally the awaited re-package of the Academy kit by Wolfpack Design is not so far now. Product page has been updated with decals and markings picture as well as a very nice finished model by the brand.

Modelsvit has announced that the last Modelsvit – 7201 – Antonov An-124 “Ruslan” has been shipped and no more are expected, the kit is out of production and will last as long as some retailer still has it.

SOVA-M is releasing 3 limited editions for the Kawasaki KDA-2 in the 3 production variants the type saw, 2 as reconnaissance aircraft and one as light bomber. If we are not wrong, is the first time this plane has been produced in injected plastic in 1/72 scale. The three kits are:
SOVA-M – SVM-72022 – KDA-2 (TYPE 88-2 SCOUT)
SOVA-M – SVM-72021 – KDA-2 (TYPE 88-1 SCOUT)


Just added a missed entry from Valom range, Valom – 72150 – Vickers Valetta C.1 (Operation Musketeer)

1/72 Scale Vehicles


Another brand that never miss the monthly date is First to Fight, and this month issue is a really nice First to Fight – 82 – Haubica Polowa (field howitzer) 155mm (wz. 1917 Schneider) , which can be used from World War I to WWII going through the Spanish Civil War, and without fear, we can say this is a great model.


Airfix keep with their policy of model sets, releasing Airfix – A50186 – (Classic Conflict) Tiger 1 vs Sherman Firefly , an opportunity to get together past year new tooled kits by airfix, plus paints, glue and brush.


HobbyBoss add this month to their range a nice HobbyBoss – 82929 – 48N6E of 5P85S TEL S-300PMU SA-10 GRUMBLE . This well known surface-to-air soviet missile system has been already done by ModelCollect and PST in the past, HobbyBoss is probably featuring more accuracy than ModelCollect kit, and easier to built than PST kit, so it is a good addition.


IBG will be releasing shorty two new models, IBG – 72088 – Type 95 Ha-Go Tank (all the pre-order slots in our partner Hobby Link Japan are gone) and IBG – 72092 – Chevrolet C60S Petrol Tank which still can be pre-ordered at Hobby Link Japan. Worth it to mention it’s a solid dealer and a good option if you live in the U.S. or Canada (Of course in Japan :)).


Looks like ModelCollect made available again ModelCollect – UA72084 – Nato U.S.M1001 with Pershing Ⅱ Missile Erector Launcher. Also seems that brand is re-releasing ModelCollect – UA72340 (Old UA72096) – Nato M1014 MAN Tractor & BGM-109G Ground Launched Cruise Missile with a new code number, UA72340.

Looks like the Chinese brand, is re-releasing the Austratt Fort, as ModelCollect – UA72344 – Austratt fort coastal artillery site triple 28cm (11-inch) turret Caesar but sadly looks like is exactly the same model with the same errors than ModelCollect – UA72148 – Austratt Fort Coastal Artillery Site (Triple 28cm Turret Caesar).

The brand (ModelCollect) is also re-releasing ModelCollect – UA72033 – Germany WWII V1 Missile launching position 1+1 with a new box layout.


Airfix is offering their past year new tooled TIger I as starter set, Airfix – A55004 – Tiger I (Starter Set)


The 3 last announces by Dragon Models has been added to our catalogue, they all are variants of the Chinese Type 08 eight wheeled armoured vehicle, which is being produced in much more variants, so maybe we’ll see more releases based on this chassis in the future. The new kits added are:
Dragon – 7682 – PLA ZBL-09 IFV
Dragon – 7683 – PLA ZTL-11 Assault Vehicle
Dragon – 7684 – PLA ZSL-10 APC
Together with these new kits, Dragon is also revamping another two Bradley variants as they during past year with some other kits of the Bradley family. The “new” kits are:
Dragon – 7413 – M3A2 ODS Bradley
Dragon – 7331 – M2A2 ODS Bradley


Dragon has shown how the new Bushmaster looks once built and so we added these images to the kit page Dragon – 7699 – Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle


Recovered today a missed entry by ModelCollect, ModelCollect – UA72144 – German E-75 Super Heavy 38cm Assault Mortar Sturm Gun, and also recovered its sister kit ModelCollect – UA72145 – WWII German E-50 super heavy 38cm assault mortar sturm gun


Flyhawk has added a new FT-17 tank to their range, Flyhawk – FH3010 – Renault FT-17 Light Tank (Modified Version of China). It’s a well documented fact that Chinese Nationalist troops had several FT-17 tanks but we haven’t find too much information about the modifications proposed by Flyhawk. In any case, the FT-17 kits by Flyhawk are probably the best ones you can find.


Updated MAC Distribution – 72140 – German Light Truck M 206 with a sprue picture and built sample by the brand, kit is close to be available on retailers and some of them started to offer pre-order.

Added a new AAVP7A1 variant from Aoshima, for the U.S. Marine Corps, Aoshima – SP – USMC AAVP7A1 RAM/RS and we also fixed a wrong code number at Aoshima – 22 – JGSDF Type 96 Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier Type A. It doesn’t happen often (i think it’s the first time) that Aoshima releases a model for non JSDF. Kit is mostly the same than the JSDF variant previously released by the brand but some parts has changed since U.S. version is sightly different.


Vespid Models announced this week a coming Panther Ausf.G kit, promising great features and excellent detail. Some stores are already offering pre-order. Vespid Models – 720003 – Pz.Kpfw.V “Panther” Ausf.G Late Production

1/72 Scale Ships


Added a missed entry by Revell, a 2019 re-release, the Revell – 05162 – German Fast Attack Craft S-100 CLASS.


Zvezda is re-releasing this month the good Zvezda – 9018 – Hansa Kogge Medieval Ship and several Russian sellers are already offering it.

1/72 Scale Figures


While things are very calm down without novelties we have updated Red Box – 72145 – Musketeers of the King of France with our own sprue pictures and a couple of comments about the figures and we are working in a review and comparison with the Ultima Ratio set for the same topic.

And we also updated Ultima Ratio – UR011 – Thirty Years War: Musketeers of the military household of the King of France, in the same way, we some sprue pictures, replacing the previous ones, and some comment about our sample.


As promised yesterday we have wrote a comparison article about the both above kits for the French Musketeers during 17th century.


May month is almost gone and a single release in the plastic soldiers section happened during this month, but at least we just added to recent announces which will appear shortly by Ukrainian sellers. They are Mars – 72123 – German Paratroopers (Tropical Uniform) with 10.5cm LG 42 & 8cm s.G.W.34 (WWII) and Mars – 72124 – U.S. Infantry (Winter Uniform) WWII , both are very appealing, more after see the good looking appearance of the 1/32 sets where they come from, but sadly looks like Mars moulds did not worked very well (again), at least for the Paratroopers kit.


We are not special fans of the ultra-cast range, but the latest Plastic Soldier – UMOS007 – US Marine Corps Platoon has been added to listings now.

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