October 2021, 1/72 Scale model kits news

1/72 Scale Vehicles


To start the month, we have added today the coming Trumpeter – 07178 – Soviet 2K11A TEL w/9M8M Missile “Krug-a”(SA-4 Ganef), which should start to appear available during this month.


Zvezda bring us one of the latest Russian develops, still in progress, in the shape of Zvezda – 5040 – BUMERANG, called to form the backbone of the next generation Russian army IFVs (infantry fighting vehicles) and APCs (armored personnel carriers).

Both UM and UMMT are releasing new kits this month, as natural after start into Panzer IV kits, UM is reusing some of the parts to release their first Jagdpanzer IV (there will be more) as UM (Uni Models) – 549 – JAGDPANZER IV (SD.KFZ.162). UMMT by their side keeps expanding the BT tanks family with a experimental/prototype BT-2 tank, UMMT – 692 – TANK BT-2 WITH AN EXPERIMENTAL TURRET (WITH A 76.2MM GUN) DESIGN OF THE “KRASNY PUTILOVETS” PLANT (PROJECT), a long long name for a not very interesting kit to our eyes. We would love to see UMMT starting some different line.


Copper State Models (CSM) has shared more details about their first 1/72 scale model kit, CSM (Copper State Models) – 72001 – Italian Armoured Car 1ZM and sprue, box content and finished sample pictures has been added today, and it just looks awesome.


Hobby Boss will be releasing shortly an excellent and nice Hobby Boss – 82938 – Russian 130mm Coastal Defence Gun A-222 “Bereg” , a powerful 130mm self-propelled coastal gun in Russian service.

Arsenal Model Group (AMG) re-issues this month their German Aerosan kit, Arsenal Model Group (AMG) – 72306 – German “Max Henschel” Aerosan Ambulance., just by adding a new small decal sheet with 3 red crosses for an ambulance service marking.


Vespid Models has shared pictures of a finished sample of Vespid Models – 720008 – Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf.G, and so we added them to the product page. They also includes two comparison pictures with the also coming Vespid – VS720006 – MAUS II Panzerkampfwagen German Super Heavy Tank. The MAUS II also just got the finished sample pictures Vespid – VS720006 – MAUS II Panzerkampfwagen German Super Heavy Tank


Attack kits is about to release a basic “hobby line” kit for their Humber Mk III, Attack Kits – 72941 – Humber Armoured Car Mk.III, without PE or resin extras. Also a new variant of their L1500A kit is on its way to stores, Attack Kits – 72930 – L1500A MANNSCHAFTWAGEN Stab.


Options to put your hands in the new CSM (Copper State Models) – 72001 – Italian Armoured Car 1ZM start to appear.


Updated box image and code number of Border Model – TK 7201 – Leopard 2 A5/A6 to its definitive release state.

1/72 Scale Aircraft


As usually, Eduard is one of the first brands we list each month, and as usually, they always have some great new offer, as is the case of Eduard – 2138 – HURRISTORY: Hurricane Mk. I , based on the excellent Arma Hobby kit, Arma Hobby – 70019 – Hurricane Mk I (Expert Set).
In second place, the brand has re-issued once of their F6F kits, Eduard – 7457 – F6F-3 (Weekend Edition), despite the original release was still wide available. A good kit in the basic shape of the weekends editions, which means kit and decals, without more extras.


To complete this awesome month by the Russian brand Zvezda, an awesome Zvezda – 7324 – C130J-30 Heavy Transport Plane is ready to start deliver. The super Hercules is the last development of the Hercules planes family and the only currently in production. With over 330 parts the kit features and excellent detail, plus the usual brand good engineering and 5 different markings to choose from. For sure it will be one of the best sellers of the year.

Added box content pictures to the coming (if not already here) A&A Models – 7224 – Beechcraft 200 Super King Air.


Sword is about to release Sword – SW72141 – C-29A/BAe-125/800 , based in new moulds tooled this year, the brand already has experience about BAe-125 family. Kit is expected by the end of the month.


Hasegawa will be releasing early next month a new limited edition of the F-14B Jolly Rogers Christmas special, a topic already covered before by the brand. The new kit is Hasegawa – 02391 – F-14B TOMCAT “VF-103 Jolly Rogers Christmas Special”. Also next month, the Japanese brand will release a new special schema for a F-15 Aggressor, Hasegawa – 02392 – F-15DJ Eagle “Aggressor Tiger Schema”.

Added decal and makings pictures to Arma Hobby – 70010 – TS-11 Iskra bis DF Expert Set which according to brand will be officially available next week.


Heller will be re-releasing their Canadair kits, which are great news as only second hand were available with high prices. Firstly we have updated Heller – 80373 – Canadair CL 215 as well as Heller – 80370 – Canadair CL-415. Pending to add the starter kit variants of these kits.

Flyhawk is about to release their first 1/72 scale Aircraft kit, and of course we celebrate it by adding to our listings Flyhawk – FH6001 – Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless. The Chinese brand has a good reputation about accuracy and engineering of the parts a well as detail level, so they are great new that they join the Aircraft market.


Revell will be releasing shortly a new version of their 1/72 Tornado kit, as Revell – 03842 – Tornado ASSTA 3.1, which should include new parts (Release was expected for September, but kit is not even listed on Revell site, something seems to be delaying this release).


Another unconfirmed when kit by Revell to appear is the Revell – 05671 – NATO Tiger Meet – 60th Anniversary (Gift Set), since it also contains a Panavia Tornado, maybe that’s the reason to delay the above 03842 code, Revell – 03842 – Tornado ASSTA 3.1. About the Tiger Meet gift set, it contains two full models, an F-16 MLU and a Tornado, both in liveries seen during NATO Tiger Meet, which celebrated its 60th anniversary this 2021 year.
The German brand will be re-releasing this month a “model set” version of the Revell – 03839 – Eurocopter Tiger “15 Jahre Tiger”, under code number 63839. We state this because we are not listing this new model set by now.


By the end of the month, SOVA-M will put another Albatross release in the market, this time including markings for bth Spanish and Chilean air forces, Sova-M – 72036 – SHU-16B Albatross. They also has planned a U.S. Navy markings one, which we’ll add shortly.


Bronco Models just has produced a few aircraft kits in 1/72 scale. We always have it in our pending list, but today we added their latest release in our scale, a tool from past year, 2020. Bronco Models – GB7010 – PLA Air Force J-20 “Mighty Dragon” Stealth Fighter
In our efforts to fill the gap about Bronco Models we also added today Bronco Models – GB7002 – Blohm & Voss BV P.178 Bomber Interceptor Jet w/MK-214 50mm Cannon. (Note than in the few models released by the brand in 1/72 scale, most of them are P.178 variants, or better said, imaginations)


Just added the missed sprue of the coming (by the end of the month) Sword – SW72141 – C-29A/BAe-125/800. Hopefully we’ll have clear parts and sprue pictures soon.


Another of the quest we started past days was to add the Bronco Models aircrafts to our listing, and today we added Bronco Models – GB7009 – DFS230V-6 Light Assault Glider w/Deceleration Rocket and Bronco Models – GB7008 – DFS230B-1 Light Assault Glider which introduced parachute bracket in the design as well as an MG-34 defensive machine gun. All the pending models to add by Bronco are now P178 fictional variants.

Added Bronco Models – GB7006 – Blohm & Voss BV P178 Reconnaissance Jet, Bronco Models – GB7005 – Blohm & Voss BV P178 NachtJäger (Night Fighter) and Bronco Models – GB7007 – BV P178 Jet Bomber w/BT700 Guided Missile Torpedo. Only three more variants to add. Considering a single prototype was even built, Bronco did an amazing exercise of speculation.

Special Hobby makes official the new releases for this month, starting by Special Hobby – 72459 – Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1 “J/88 Legion Condor”, a follow up of the great E3-E4 kits already released by the brand. This release clashes with AZ Model work around the same topic, bringing more options to modellers but in our opinion wars between brands are not good, as one may lose at the end and we need as more brands producing as possible.

The second entry of the month by Special Hobby, is a nice Special Hobby – 72453 – DH.100 Vampire Mk.3 “European and American Operators”, despite the kit is a re-release with new decals, the markings included are interesting and unusual.

Lastly, special hobby extend their Saab 37 Viggen offer with Special Hobby – 72378 – AJ-37 Viggen “Strike Fighter”, after the already released reconnaissance and fighter variants.

Same factory but under MPM Production brand, a reissue of MPM Production – 72560 – Gloster Meteor PR Mk.10 “High-Altitude Photo-Recce Version”, since it was not in our catalogue, a good occasion to add it. MPM Production Meteor moulds are the base of Xtrakit releases, Airfix, Special Hobby and Azur/Frrom.


We close the Bronco Models chapter by adding the three pending variants of the P 178:
Bronco Models – GB7001 – Blohm & Voss Bv P178 Dive Bomber Jet
Bronco Models – GB7003 – Blohm & Voss BV P178 Torpedo Jet Bomber w/LTF5b
Bronco Models – GB7004 – VB P178 Tank Hunter w/”Fliegerfaust” B Rocket System

In our opinion, too much P 178.

1/72 Scale Plastic Soldiers


For first time in their history, Zvezda has produced a (mini) set for te U.S. WWII Infantry, as is Zvezda – 6278 – American Infantry 1941-1945. It should start to be available very very soon.


Linear-A releases this month the first set devoted to the Diadochi / Epigonoi wars after Alexander the Great death, starting but Linear-A – 033 – HELLENISTIC DIADOCHI / EPIGONOI, SELEUCID INFANTRY PHALANX SET 1 “BATTLE OF RAPHIA 217 BC”.

Just one week later, Red Box strikes again with the Jacobite cavalry counter part of the recently released British Dragoons and Horse regiments. The new kits are Red Box – 72149 – Jacobite Rebellion – Jacobite Cavalry – Bonnie Prince Charlie and Scottish Cavalry and Red Box – 72141 – Jacobite Rebellion – Jacobite Cavalry – Prince’s Lifeguard and FitzJames Horse Regiment and they cover most of the cavalry in the Jacobite side during 1745 uprising.

1/72 Scale Ships

Takom is about to release next month a new Bismarck Battleship gun turret, Takom – 5014 – 15CM SK C/28 Battleship Bismarck Bb II/Stb II Turret. It’s the time for the 15cm guns. Bismarck class carried 12 of these tubes in 6 twin turrets, being the second largest caliber in the ship.


The coming Takom – 5014 – 15CM SK C/28 Battleship Bismarck Bb II/Stb II Turret is starting to have pre-order options.

Miscellaneous Updates.

At least temporarily, we have removed our specific searches for Russia (/ru), Poland (/pl) and Chezquia (/cz). We no longer are able to provide accurate results for residents in these countries.

Sad news this month by Italeri, after couple of months without new releases since July, the brand announced what’s “new” for October and the list doesn’t include a single 1/72 kit.

1/72 Scale Anime Plastic Models


Bandai has cooperated with Sunrise Beyond studio to create a new Anime TV series (and photonovel) which just had its premier during this October month, Kyoukai Senki (which more or less can be translated as Amaim Warrior at the Borderline), and officially tomorrow, the second merchandising plastic model kits will be released. Thankfully, Bandai has chosen 1/72 scale for this new line of Anime based model kits. The first model in the series is BANDAI – 62006 – MAILeS KENBU (Amaim Warrior at the Borderline).

From the same series, and also expected to be officially released just tomorrow, October 9th, Bandai – 62007 – BUNYIP BOOMERANG – (Amaim Warrior at the Borderline) will start to appear on stores too.

The first release in this series, just few days ago, was Bandai – 62002 – MAILeS BYAKUCHI (Amaim Warrior at the Borderline), already out of stock and waiting for the first re-release. And indicative of a promising start for this series.

More models will come in November and shortly we’ll ad them.


We have promised ourselves to close one of our open but never ended chapters about Macross universe model kits. And today we just published one of the Wave produced 1/72 kits, Wave – MBR-04 Mk-VI Destroid Tomahawk.

The second destroid produced by Wave was Wave – MC-072 – ADR-04-MkX Destroid Defender.

Wave produced another “destroid” kit, in the shape of Wave – SDR-04-Mk.XII Destroid Phalanx.

Still widely available, and not so expensive, Wave – VF-4 Lightning III DX Ver. , from Macross Flashback 2012“.

And the last 1/72 scale model produced for the Macross franchise by Wave which we are adding is Wave – MC-057 – VF-4 Lightning III. This closes the Wave – Macross 1/72 kits mini chapter in the Macross Kits ocean. (*Wave produced few more 1/72 vinyl kits earlier in the 90s, below the quality of these releases above).

During all the rest of the year, we’ll be publishing lot of pending to add models to this topic. The reason, the decision of Hasegawa about to make a new ARMORED VALKYRIE which will be released later this year.

Filling a gap in our Hasegawa listing for Macross kits, just added Hasegawa – 65828 – RVF-25 MESSIAH (Macross Frontier).

Arii was one of the Japanese brands which originally released Macross model kits in the 1982 initial release of the Anime series. They produced in several scales but as always our attention if for the 1/72 scale kits produced. Today we added:
Arii – AR-301 – Destroid Tomahawk
Arii – AR-309 – Tactical Pod Glaug
Arii – AR-305 – Armored Valkyrie VF-1J BATTROID
Arii – AR-326 – Armored Valkyrie VF-1A Battroid
Arii – AR-334 – Armored Valkyrie VF-1S Battroid

All these kits are very hard to find in its Arii original release and when they appear they are very expensive. Arii went into bankruptcy not much later in the 80s and all these moulds were sold to Bandai, who eventually released the same kits, at the same that they started their own production for the Macross franchise.

Arii also produced some other interesting collectors pieces that also has our attention, they mixed 1/100 Macross models with their 1/72 scale kits, from WWII, in a series just entitled Macross Diorama. We’ll take care of the 4 boxes released in these serie later next week.


Imai was another of the original producers of Macross kits in 1982. They produced a wide range with many 1/72 scale models, they introduced “full” transformable models and their kits had a high quality. Imai also ended in bankruptcy during 80s and their models ended in Bandai hands, who eventually released the series under its brand. To start the Imai range we have added the two Destroids they released in 1/72 scale:
Imai – B-1219 – Destroid Defender
Imai – B-1221 – Destroid Spartan


Continuing with our Macross quest, we added today Imai – B-1223 – Tactical Pod Regult (Standard type) and Imai – B-1217 – Battroid Valkyrie VF-1J Variable Fighter, once of the first ever poseable static model kits, even if in limited features, and also the Gerwalk position Imai – B-1228 – Battroid Gerwalk Valkyrie VF-1J (*At this moment some results from Ebay appear but they are all misspelled and are not of our confidence).

One more Imai – B-1233 – VF-1A Standard Gerwalk – Battroid Gerwalk Valkyrie.


Imai produced some amazing kits in the 80s in the mechas universe, and introduced the transformable and extended the pooseable concept when they released Imai – B-1251 – VF-1J Valkyrie Variable Type, an amazing engineering exercise for a static plastic model kit only paired by other brands releases one decade later.

Added today also Imai – B-1234 – VF-1S Roy Focker Special – Battroid Gerwalk Valkyrie, another Gerwalk model kit and the Battroid version, Imai – B-1249 – VF-1S Roy Focker Special – Battroid Valkyrie.


Adding some more of the old Imai Macross kits for the history, Imai – B-1250 – VF-1A Standard Battroid Valkyrie, Imai – B-1252 – VF-1S Valkyrie VARIABLE TYPE.



Mr. Peter McKay has finished his work in the Sword Demon kit and sent us all the nice pictures of the finished model. Together with his comments about the kit we created this nice contribution article Sword F-3H-2 Demon review and finished model. We are really happy to see some new contribution. Except for decals the review covers three Sword kits, Sword – 72122 – F-3H-2 Demon, Sword – 72123 – F3H-2N/M Demon and Sword – SW72140 – F-3B/C Demon.

1/72 Star Wars

We missed a new Bandai Star Wars kit earlier this year, Bandai – X-Wing Starfighter RED5, an updated kit for the Rise of Skywalker film by adding a new display base and pilot figure.

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