October 2023 1/72 scale news.

1/72 Scale Playsets


Has been a while since any brand released a new playset in the 1/72 scale. In the past, was a very common feature from many brands, but nowadays almost any brand releases this kind of sets, and most of the times, they are just reissues of old kits already seen for years. Italeri is one of those brands who keep reissuing this kind of products from time to time, but almost one year passed since last one, till a new release, Italeri – 6199 – Air Assault on Sainte-Mère-Eglise June 6th 1944. About the box content, you can find two old ESCI figure sets, one vehicle (Sd.Kf.251 Ausf.C), some accessories, and as common in the last Italeri playsets releases from years ago, an MDF laser cut building which is the only new content in the box.

1/72 Scale Aircraft


To finish with the past month Amodel update, the brand released three models to cover the Embraer ERJ145 family, Amodel – 72381 – EMB-145EU/EP, Amodel – 72390 – EMB-145LU and Amodel – 72385 – EMB-145LR. The three models share parts, including PE parts and paint mask, and are the first time the model is depicted in 1/72 scale injected plastic model.


Is the time to update the list of one of the finest contemporary makers, Eduard, who has released several very interesting new scale models in 1/72 scale since we updated. After tool the Avia S-199 in 2022 the Czech maker has tooled a new BF-109F model kit, with an excellent detail level and the usual good quality packing of the brand, completed with PE parts and excellent markings. The first release for the new model was the exclusive Eduard – 2142 – WUNDERSCHÖNE NEUE MASCHINEN pt. 1 DUAL COMBO, including two models one for each variant, F-2 or F-4, and later split in two individual releases for each one, Eduard – 70155 – Bf 109F-4 ProfiPACK and Eduard – 70154 – Bf 109F-2 ProfiPACK. Since both are ProfiPACK type releases, probably the Weekend Editions are still to come in next months.

Also updated Eduard – 7079 – F6F-5N Nightfighter Profipack, which has been reissued in the time.


Two more additions today to the Eduard lists, both Weekend Edition of past kits, Eduard – 7471 – Avia S-199 bubble canopy (Weekend Edition), originally tooled in 2022, and Eduard – 7470 – Fw 190A-5 (Weekend Edition), tooled in 2015 as A-8 and updated and released through the years since then, including several KORA updates.


A small break today in the Eduard update to add two scale models that perfectly could be in the Sci-Fi section of the site, but which are based on real projects designed or studied in the late 40s, 50s or early 60s. AMP is a well known brand by their taste for experimental projects, and the two new kits are not an exception. The kits are AMP – 72020 – NORTH AMERICAN L.R.V. and AMP – 72019 – Keldysh Sub-orbital bomber, they both will delight classic Sci-Fi lovers.

Mikro-Mir joined AMP in the taste for experimental aircrafts and released Mikro-Mir – 72025 – Martin XB-51, a quite big kit already available. In the past Mikro-Mir also released Mikro-Mir – 72013 – English-Electric CANBERRA T.17 the direct competitor which drove the XB-51 project to cancellation.


We was almost up to date after add three new Eduard models, but the brand announced the new models for November, so we are behind again. The three new models added are Eduard – 2109 – ALBATROS DUAL COMBO, a limited deluxe edition with two full models for the Aero L-39 Albatros, Eduard – 7012 – B-25J Mitchell STRAFER (ProfiPACK), a re-pack of the Hasegawa kit with solid nose and 8 forward firing .50 cal machine guns (strafer), Hasegawa only released this variant as limited edition and parts are not included in the standard B-25J Hasegawa kit, so it’s a nice addition, and lastly Eduard – 7055 – UTI MiG-15 (ProfiPACK), a reissue of the same code and kit released in 2015.

1/72 Ships and Submarines


It’s quite strange have the opportunity to add a new set in the 1/72 scale ships and submarines category, and most of the times they are reissues of the past or little changes in past model, but today we just added the excellent Mikro-Mir – 72026 – CB Class Midget Submarine, a nice subject and model that we can only recommend.

1/72 Figures (Plastic soldiers)


Has been a long time since we don’t addd some pictures from our own collection and so we did today with the excellent Dark Dream Studio – 72005 – European Knights which happily still can be found by several sellers. We can only recommend this set if it still isn’t in your collection.