January 2023, 1/72 scale novelties.

1/72 Scale Aircraft


The Ukrainian brand Amodel releases two more variants of their Diamond DA42 Twin Star kit, Amodel – 72376 – DA-42 VI and Amodel – 72357 – DA-42 MPP Guardian.

Valom released recently two new scale models for the Percival Prince, Valom – 72159 – Percival Prince Mk.3 (RAAF) and Valom – 72157 – Percival P.50 Sea Prince C1 (ROYAL NAVY).

1/72 Scale Vehicles


Added to the listings the MAC Distribution – 72134 – German Light Truck G3 Deutsche Reichsbahn kit, theoretically released but not available.


Recovering some of the kits released in the last months of past year, we just added the beautiful ACE – 72565 – Soviet 280mm heavy mortar Br-5, the heaviest Soviet WWII field gun. The latest model released by the Ukrainian brand ACE is ACE – 72186 – Soviet Air Portable Truck m.66B. During this time, two models were retired from production line, ACE – 72247 – Sd.Kfz.250/9 and ACE – 72172 – BTR-80A Soviet armored personnel carrier, as well as ACE – 72177 – STS Tiger (special transport vehicle 233014) is also labelled as out of production.

1/72 scale Figures


Orion releases this month four new figures sets, covering excellent topics with their usual excellent quality. There are two sets devoted to the African campaign, Orion – 72062 – Long Range Desert Group WW2 and Orion – 72063 – German Panzer Soldiers (DAK) WW2. The DAK box is suitable for the early part of the African campaign, most of the figures wear the tropical hat not often seen after the first months of the campaign. Time ago Caesar included such figures in their DAK (Deutsches Afrikakorps) releases but this appearance remains as uncommon in the DAK depiction. The other releases are even more spectacular as cover two big gaps in the hobby for the 1/72 scale, Orion – 72065 – Polish Tank Crew WW2 and Orion – 72064 – French Tank Crew WW2, subjects only covered till now by expensive metal or resin manufacturers.


Mars has released several “new” sets, 5 to be exact, and though 4 of them are re-issues of old LW sets, there a new addition to the 1/72 scale figures universe, Mars – 72130 – German Volkssturm Defenders WWII Part, including 8 new poses and 40 figures for this particular subject that focus in the defense of Berlin during the last days of the war. In the next days we’ll recover the LW re-issues by Mars, which are less quality and less interesting that this new German WWII.

As advance of what can you find in the other new releases from Mars based in the old LW/Evolution figures we have added Mars – 72135 – Dacian Army, which joins both Dacian Infantry and cavalry from the old boxes.